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To hit the street say it against, you know where and when is barbaric Coach Peterson and the Birds the best boy, I guess. In the K y w 24 hour Traffic Center. I'm Stevie Reid. Thanks, Stevie. Let's get a look at the forecast, NBC 11th Alert Meteorologist Bill Hedley sunny skies and a warm day today and turning windy for the rest of the morning. The winds will be increasing and with that wind comes the warmer air winds gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour by lunchtime 71 degrees and those gusty winds continue into the afternoon with a high Of 78. The winds die down tonight and shift overnight tonight and that shift will bring us cooler weather tomorrow 53, the low 66 the high The winds finally died down late Thursday and then the chill will be with us Friday morning 46 degrees in the city. Some suburbs could dip down into the upper thirties than bright, sunny skies for Friday and a high of 69. I'm NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Bill Henley. With the most accurate forecast count on it. 59 will get up to 78 today. Let's check Wall Street it sponsored by Crash proof retirement dot com Weaken. Listen, Live to the crash Prefer tournament show every Saturday at 11, A.m. and Sunday one PM. Details up 431 points. NASDAQ Up 149 3 quarter points now just jumped up. As in pay 500 up 44.17 your health, your community your money when it matters to you. It's on K Y W NewsRadio. Three things to know what 11 15, sponsored by Oliver Heating and pulling some Philadelphia Eagles would love to have fans back in the stands of the city allows it ST Louis couple who gained nationwide attention for waving guns at protesters outside.

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