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Talk about it. This is the Ben Shapiro show. KABC news, live and local. It's five thirty. I'm Liz Warner. Governor used them is proposing a twenty four billion dollar plan to address wildfire costs in California. His plan would essentially create a twenty one billion dollar fund to pay for future wildfire costs and three billion dollar insurance fund along with it. The cost of this plan would be evenly split between PG and E shareholders, and California's two other major utilities and accused child rapist, who's also head of a Mexican mega church is not going to be getting his massive bail, lowered a judge's refusing to lower record fifty million dollar bail. The son Joaquin Garcia is accused of abusing several girls. He and two other defendants are pleading not guilty. A second defendant has a twenty five million dollar bail. The judge also refused to lower California state. Prosecutors fear that the evangelical leaders huge following will be able to raise bail money and help him flee to Mexico. Kevin trip KABC news. There's a new twist in the Jesse small et case, the actor could once again, be facing charges of faking a hate crime after state's attorney Kim FOX suddenly dropped all sixteen counts against small calls of his conduct began immediately retire judge Sheila O'Brien petition the court to appoint a special prosecutor to look into FOX's office and the case again, Friday a Cook County, Illinois, judge ruled to a point that prosecutor saying FOX did not have the right to appoint someone to oversee the case after she recused herself. This means charges could once again be brought against the actor. I'm Jim Roope. Another parent involved in the nationwide. College admissions cheating scandal is pleading guilty. Toby MacFarlane of del, mar entered his plea today in federal court in Boston becoming the fourteenth parent to do, so the former insurance executive allegedly.

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