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Well, yeah, If I could pick it up cases they're pretty happy. If I'm Kurt led back and forth, my back might go out or something. But you have to be a great doorstop. Actually, I have a couple other things. They're not quite as heavy. That would be good doorsteps, too, from the back. So do I. Yeah, that everything turns out to be really valuable. Lot of things do but not everything. Then there's things like Gowdy cards any good, unopened packs. Unopened boxes. Rookie cards like LeBron rookies who was a tops chrome. He s a 10 rookie card. $6900. It's like Big money in some of this stuff, Joe name. It's rookie still sells for a lot. You know, people look at his stats down there. Like why is this guy a big deal? I mean, His stats would be Probably not even mediocre when you look at his career stats, But when he first came up, he had charisma and a big arm, and he predicted the Super Bowl win and basically Was big behind the Merging of the A F. C in the NFC, So that all goes into the story being in New York and all that for him being so collectible. Plus his rookie card is a short print. It's an oversight. But a P s a 7 1965 taps football Rookie. $7100. It's so if you do have his rookie card get that baby graded. What's already time for a shirt break now will be joined after the break by Jon Drummond and Nancy Huggins for the last Week of which ended higher and Jon Drummond if he does what I'm hoping for, he's going to get a bonus point. This s O. Hang in there..

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