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Dance you when you do the call first and then. Oh, okay. Dance. All right. Let's let's do Katherine Katherine real quick, Catherine. You're on mighty house. Thanks for hanging on. Hi, okay. So here's the scoop, I went and painted my mailbox. Which is just you know, one hanging on the wall right with. Manage to make it come out look. Okay. But I just don't really know how to handle a spray tan, and I know it's probably better than roller stuff and like I have to do the front door. And I think I'm just gonna try to find the right color and being able to paint it on, you know, brush roller. But what are you need to do with spray cans? I know you have to have the ball going. So the whole is mixed up and everything, but go ahead rich. Data bolivars actually, just a mixed. The thanks. You just shake the hell out of it. You know, turn it upside sideways, just shake it. But the big thing was spray. Painted can't has to stay article while you're spraining can't turn it sideways or upside down. Because the inside of it all of the pain start gets. Skipping. It gives you dry spots the trick with spray paint cans mailbox is a great example. You want to start spraying before you get to the mailbox in other words, start spraying. And then go left to right or right to left but start spraying across in motion even distance once you pass the mailbox stop anything as you want to build a tack coat. I very white trying to cover it one. That's the biggest mistake. That's how you get run strips and errors. So you wanna go? Nice. And then multiple layers. What were you gonna say? The thing is holding it down or taking too long wasn't going fast enough. But I got the jets. Yeah. Yes. It does come out fast and have better spray nozzle. Some will actually have what they call a fan pattern. So it literally will be maybe an inch wide but six inches tall. So that's a great fan patterns to spray paint something. But again, you wanna go fairly quick you get attack coke net. You'll let that dry for just five minutes, and it gets sticky. Ben your other coats are less likely to run because they've got some to adhere to they don't run off steel, right? So fix this. Multiple coast. Well, how do you know that it has a of a fan pattern? I mean, I had I had the rest OEM painters touch. That's one of the problems. I'll be honest. I really not a big fan of Rostov AM because the rest all you've never seems to try it stays ever. So there's lots of different paints out there. But that's another story. If you have a run Raby the easiest way to fix a run is a piece of masking tape, you hold it flat. On the run and then lifted off so it takes a little bit of me. I shake too much. But if you put it on there and just stick to that run and lift it'll pull that run right off there. You don't wanna wipe that'll make. But then you can actually spray another coat, and it will start to blend together. Yep. That's the best brand. Cry line is one I use a lot. I don't know about you. But I like the stuff, and then just a bunch of light coach make sure you hit hit. What if you're spraying your door sand it down I with like like a two hundred grit sandpaper? Wipe it down with some mineral spirits or paint paint. Thinner just to clean it off real good. And then go ahead and spray it, and you should end up with a an excellent finish on your door. Don't do it on a windy. Okay to use or do you really use mineral spirits? I I don't like hot cloth.

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