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Those full eight hours or more sleep. For me, it's more of the routine than I have before patches. After practice. I have something to do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, all the way through the week. And it's the same thing every week. My body knows what to expect. If it's coal tubs, hot tubs, massage, massages watching what you eat, how much we just make sure when it comes Sunday, you're ready to go. Finishing Jordy Nelson of the Oakland Raiders Jordy. I've watched Jon Gruden for a long time going back to when he coached here the first time and going on to Tampa. And then I thought he was never gonna coach again. And now he's back. The guy has been out of coaching for almost ten years. Take me into a meeting room. Take me into the huddle. Take me onto the practice field with Jon Gruden. What do you see? What have you seen in Jon Gruden? Overson stands out as energy and Thursday, and the pride that he takes being a part of this organism. Again. And then obviously the knowledge of the game and understanding. What he wants to the matchup he wants to create and how to create them. I think some people, you know, like he's football's past them up football. At the end of the day, there's a lot of coaches I've tried to try to come in and do some new things, and some of words and some of worked for a very short period of time. And at the end of the day is all the execution and run the ball, catching the ball and making plays and tackling. So. But I think his energy in isn't if it's it's every day in the meeting rooms on the practice field is definitely, you know, carrying over into the players, I'll tell you the one thing that I saw it here on the practice field that I thought was interesting. I've never seen it before. There was a session in this practice today where the quarterbacks threw football's without laces, and I just I had to go up to him afterwards. I wouldn't the world is that you know. And he said he had gone back and looked at an awful lot of TV copy of football over the last few years. Aaron Rodgers. Ben Rothlisberger, Tom Brady many times in the course of a game there in a hurry. They get a bad shotgun snap, and they've got to throw the ball without the laces. So he said, why don't we practice that? It seems incredibly sensible, and yet I've never seen that before. Right. And that's one thing I think he's also gained by being away. He's been to a lot of different organizations in seeing how guys practice on what they do, and you know taking what he, what he wants from those in what he thinks works. So yeah, it's being is trying to. For every situation. If it's a wet ball, no laces doing the ball security drills with the water loaded balls that make them feel heavier. So when you have that normal football enlighten easy to carry. So they brought out some new things and it's been great and it's a good change it. Jordy Nelson have a great year have two or three more great years. It's really good to see you playing football. I appreciate it. Thanks..

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