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Now the pixel to does it alex you've review the razor foam which does it exceptionally well the iphone 10 does it so if this phone is to compete properly it needs to have better sound but obviously these will still had this phone will still have headphone jack which is something that has all but disappeared from every other flagship on the market with one or two exceptions yeah i mean that they're little prominent examples of a going away this past year but you stop lg used to have your lustiest i'm something itself won't loss many others ana who decided to keep at around an issues on the memories me getting rid of it is just a try and be competitive in terms of the amount battery you can fit in that us the main thing that you lose if you have had found jack stick in an um but yeah obviously it is kinda table stake snapped up at least a decent not just go without bottom barring speaker and based on the the rent as we've seen so far it looks like that going with that like you said the htc styles at at way off the top if he's on the bottom firing wolfer a not the the nexus uh slash pixels at a way of these these two sort of crew equal stereo speakers bassem okc mentioned lg another piece of very interesting news that came at of c s was at the company's vice chairman noted that they will be moving away so this is a a new mobile team pushing eljisr mobile vision into a new direction the come newly moving away from releasing new flagship phones every year and the quotas we will unveil new smartphones when it is needed but we will not launch it because other rivals do we plan to retain existing models longer by for instance unveiling more variant models of the.

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