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Think it relations off the Camaraderie and friendship and like it's really sweet so this plays when they get back krona right. Yeah and everything's really silent because they don't know that. The Kenyans imitative varied yet so it is kind of like being silly and dancing around and feeding really joyful of K. whereas I haven't watched I don't mean well I guess they did. Release the sign on Youtube. Probably but I haven't watched it since it came out so I don't really remember what they were doing during that. Yeah really. They're just like walking around corona and being like. Oh there's there's Monte shop there is you know. The Cobbler's shop is like Oh always miss. This place like reminiscing. Like how would we drive through our old hometowns and be like? Oh that restaurant moved. That won't close down like they're just like that in. Stodgy you know as it kind of Feels like they're kind of lined themselves a little bit because they just had that stuff with Casandra down so now they're like put an unhappy faces and singing and dancing but really not feeling it. Yeah she's still. I think pencils very heavily. Kyle still at the smart casts casts. It's Nice it's I like when there's that group numbers like this. I love all the harmony really big harmony person so I think it's really beautiful and actually this'll be the perfect song because we have three siblings in our family. We need to sing this after quarantine. Yeah we should do a group dance flash mob with everyone in the tangled fan and we can all come together in Disney's office in California after court Canaan Cygnus left last month a sounds like a whole course at people but it says through the magic.

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