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I can't I it seemed like it had been at least a couple of days with some of the dead bodies failing. Maybe like forty eight hours overnight like it's always hard to get the time signature for these because they showed a couple of dead bodies. They've they look pretty dead. But thought the gaming so already the smells not great. And you know, what else doesn't smoke? It is when you burn like twenty thousand of the dead bodies at the same time. It is you know, that had to ban. I would say the most I mean game of thrones the mail order show to begin with not a lot shower deodorant perfume. I mean, we we're really paper holding our noses on a lot of suspension of disbelief kind of stuff here. Yeah. But that many dead bodies the way that the they died, and however long they were out there. You're not giving speeches? Joe's those standing there convene, everybody's convened within you know, thirty or forty yards of these bodies, and we're all going to stand here. So it. It is stench. It's the worst thing you could ever smell were program to not be in the presence of of our dead brethren. Yep. Good points. Yeah. Johnston trying to win an EMMY. And meanwhile, there's twenty thousand dead bodies in the wind's blowing toward everybody you say, here's one more toward the there that guy can we burn the bodies. So I always thought the worst smell in the show would have been the dragon breath. This dragons like they're just eating what are they eating? What are the dragon Z? Kyle. Cows and goats and she got right slash dragons. I'm surprised out of all the pets smells. That's not my number one in the same way that our dogs. Eat terrible. Terrible things. Let me say hot fire breath. Oh feels like it could be a cleansing agent. Whatever it is that Glaus them, debris the fire could have the effective producing. That's interesting. You think it's so hot it burns all the germ antiseptic. That's good. Well, either way it doesn't smell bad as a twenty thousand dead bodies burning. So they decided to follow that up by having a giant feast. As you do what makes you hungrier than the burn smell of twenty thousand burning bodies. You know, let's have some food and subject or would they did win the war? Yeah. It was. A celebrate Tori fee was sell Pretoria. There was definitely a cell Batori feel you had the sarcastic remark. I'm glad they turn the lights on for this episode. That felt like a day. Definitely. It's good to see people's faces for more than than four and a half seconds. Did you like the glasses? They were drinking out of because every time they bring those out on game of thrones hours. I was feel like I want like twenty of those I the big horn glasses. Well, they had those cons you like to drink flagons now. Probably not right. Yeah. Something like that. They probably did have flag. There was a whole array. There was a whole variety you like a real marketing opportunity here the game of thrones tricking collection. So very festive people busting balls. The bearded guy torment he's going around being doing stuff. Getting cock block. That was. Yeah. Well, you see make sure everybody does shots doing shots. He's spilling beer all over the place. Gingery Genry Ghengis gingery. I think we're going with Gandhari Gandhi. So he became a lead. Storm house guy, this cost Drayton stone. Now, he gave him the lead the the head of the storm PM some head of the storm. So they gave him some new title. They made him gingery brethren gingerbread out the gave him dragonstar something gate, but his sakes, they gave him an accolade..

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