Target, Colorectal Cancer, Dr Charles Neider discussed on Dennis Prager


Target store. Chain has agreed to pay seven point four million to settle California allegations that it improperly dumped hazardous waste into landfills ranging from the batteries to drugs and syringes state and some two dozen local governments allege that between two thousand twelve and two thousand sixteen target mishandled hazardous waste ranging from batteries and aerosol cans to fluorescent light bulbs. Target will pay three point two million dollars in fines three million to conduct compliance inspections and audits of his trash facilities, plus additional money for environmental projects. The Minnesota-based company didn't acknowledge any wrongdoing in the lawsuit settlement. That's corresponder. Jeremy house reporting military officials at the sprawling joint base Elmendorf Richardson, say last week's magnitude seven point zero earthquake accurate caused multiple problems including damage to steal frameworks ceilings and sprinkler and heating systems. Breaking news analysis at townhall dot com. Family physician. Dr Charles Neider. Ben tells us about a possible blood tests for cancer potential of the simple tests on blood that detects most of the common cancers is very exciting. Australian researchers are claiming that they have won so far it's been positive and ninety percent of a sample about seventy patients with breast prostate lung. Colorectal cancer was negative on the blood of people who did not have a clinically diagnosed cancer. If those tests prove successful that could be done cheaply needs early in the medical office. This is Charles Snyder, Washington. Six people all but one of them miners were killed at about thirty five others injured in a stampede panic concert goers early Saturday to disco in a small town on Italy's central Adriatic coast, the dead, included, three girls and two boys and an adult woman a mother who had accompanied her daughter to the disco in Coronado. We're an Italian rapper was entertaining. The crowd. More of.

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