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Jesse warren ross nicknamed opd because of his as his mother says fire engine red hair like the ron howard character op from the tv show the ah andy griffith asia famous auntie griffin show yes uh jesse was born on february eighteen th 1987 he grew up in your typical household you know mom dad and a brother as a young dude jesse loved the play all kinds of sports he was a big big kansas city chiefs fan a big ku basketball fan in high school jesse worked at a movie theater and i thought this was pretty cool i always wanted to work at a movie theater but jesse worked with his brother andy at the movie theatres well jesse became involved with a local band called dead give away he would help the band with many different things some of these things were organising concerts in booking gigs for them so more of a manager type thing nada sis treaty member yes so you and i are used to this and and you more than than i am but uh you know back in the day you'd have people they would help out your banned there were friends of the band you know they might they made offered to be like a crew member and help carry things and load vans or pass out flyers and go to area places an impasse al flyers to advertise your concerts but he was actually involved to the point where he was booking concerts arranging events which you and i know is not an easy thing to do it can vary tom consumed can be quite chaotic to say the least anyway he graduated high school in two thousand and five and received an academic scholarship based off of his act score.

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