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Well, I've been on the internet since nineteen Ninety-two back when we had like six hundred Baud modems three hundred Baud modem. So I have been on the internet for a long time. And in many ways, I feel very comfortable and more comfortable on the internet. So while I might have low self esteem in the physical world and the virtual world, I'm very confident. So where does that come from because you're freed from the constraints of your physical self in the virtual world, you can be anything. You can be anyone you can say that sort of witty retort that you never have when you're walking down the street, and someone says something mean to you for me onto. Twitter. I have it right there for whatever reason. I don't quite know why. But I just have that ability to say exactly what I want to say when I want to say it. So I don't feel as. Constrained by self-esteem because I just believe in my right to say what I want to say. And the thing is I don't go looking for trouble. I don't believe in being cruel. It's when you come to me with your nonsense that I pushed back, and so that also helps me to be confident because in general, I'm a kind and fun person. And I believe for the most part my online demeanor reflects that except I also love to complain by. Oh, it's my favorite thing. It feels so good it just like just to articulate these are my woes today. And it just feels really good. Yes. My you know, my stomach hurts. I didn't sleep enough. So I just enjoy complaining. I get it from my mother what you see is complaining might just be seen by somebody else's being honest about how you feel in bed feminist, you say you're full of longing and your full of envy, and so much of my envy is terrible. Most people if they felt that they were full of envy. And that envy was terrible would hide it. You don't know. There's no need again forty was a game changer. It really was. I just I love how you're just putting so much on that age change. She'll I think it was fine. The night last debut being thirty nine eleven fifty nine PM been forty like. Oh my God. I won the lottery. He'll no. But I also I mean, it just happens to be forty..

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