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Brought to you by long fans 20% off savings on fences decks and pavers Go to long fan dot com and schedule your free estimate today It's a 12 now chargers are appending against a fairfax county mother who allegedly took her three year old daughter without permission An amber alert had to be issued Police say it was just before 3 o'clock this morning that Amelia Krause was located in West Virginia with her mother Catherine Krause Catherine does not have legal custody of the girl She is now in police custody The child had been missing since late yesterday afternoon Virginia's attorney general is rejecting the argument that his special grand jury investigation into loudoun county public schools is unconstitutional The school board is suing to shut that special grand jury down Virginia attorney general Jason Mia is impaneled the special grand jury here in loudoun county his investigation started with a school system's handling of two high school sex assaults in a filing miara says the school board is not allowed to sue his office for doing its job seeing if there's probable cause that a crime occurred but the school board says Mia is on a fishing expedition and that the scope of the grand jury is a harming student privacy a judge will hear arguments on the call to stop the grand jury on July 11th In loudoun county near law it can stay in Dublin Coming up D.C. police identify another possible victim of the shopping cart killer It's 8 13 An orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain painless It's the biggest frustration that patients have This is doctor Pamela Mehta talking about aches with unexpected origins I see patients with pain in their knees their hips their back oftentimes the pain is actually coming from their feet.

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