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For that long to you go for a couple of days but he leaves nearby he's not that far away in retirement argue ended air with an maybe there's a photo of him online way again i'm loath even report because we die but like i said this very strange about the well rv prayers first of all i thought and our prayers are with all this particularly those it a k d w annual great affiliate in las vegas they are you know that's a that's a major blow to this community the district is still shut down a lot of hotels were shut down from hours laura they lock down the hotels rv room vis harvest festival was big ticket at twenty two thousand people attended their set went on for many many hours big rich were there reached out to john rich haven't heard back from him but it it it's the time to reflect on response how he responded how we respond to a situation like this and israel and there's a terror attack they're modest oppor onday as too quickly cleaned it up and move on business as usual they don't like those who are evil to be in any way glorified by the media coverage they don't like to put the faces up of the assailants i think there's something to be said for that response to a dunk don't give him any glory and the photo don't give many glory and even the name mentioned but it is interesting that he had already taken his life it looked like he was look like kind of a mess and some of the photos trays said look or you today in the pinnacle island we are doesn't look doesn't look good he hasn't look well even i bet if this is someone who truly it's just a lone wolf and there was no planning with others uh immediately saying it was a lone wolf again i don't understand how they can make that assumption this quickly but if indeed he was long wolf he was obviously deranged in some way but evil without doubt this this is evil in in our midst of homeland security speaking out there saying there is no connection to terrorism in this case no no connection to terrorism didn't look like in any background that would have indicated that he would have a problem with that's we're going to learn more about how he perch just as weapons where he purchased them and and they.

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