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Witnesses and everything on youtube installer spare race the mall and that's what they're doing they're closing down the comments or only leading the trolls you know up put their stuff up like who cares anymore and so on you know care or air people still don't care because this was a seminal event for a lot of people in the world as the seminal changing point for the united states of america mehta shift in the united states of america with that happens when you're handke air leave our country we did picture yeah i grew up in this country is very strange his it's uh there's there's no more a pride in american workmanship there's no more trust in your in your not at new but you can't even trust your employer that you'll be working tomorrow it everybody's be stiff there'd be overworked and it could i had the ruin overseas to live you know because i was i was hurt by sitting here after sneaking out but when i go i live in a countries it's it's easy where scream medical care now look they say oh high taxes look it's no taxes are uh all right in america you have so many hidden taxes you have all these payments you have to make this to uh you know two years sheeran's companies and so on their higher than the terrorists there we have no comment is this we don't have these insurance companies it's directed the government if you don't like how your it go work at you could most out we lord a children's companies who we have free medical care over there skift free college education you have five weeks of vacation by law and you have a key here off take care of your pay these stand in the food is good in the air it's been a couple of her here it i see the road falling apart i see well hanging wires they bury them over in your time evertonians looted rescued going on you know they all the power goes out i mean we're we're didn't duct stagnant in the people are overworked and and they're just losing hope let me read this section saturday november 23rd 1963 dave day ferry was crying as sergey quite to i didn't think i had any tears left but they were stinging my eyes so access to your.

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