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Oh what else that's enough. that's enough. Got know subscription service going chased to that point as you always knew we would buy A friend bob murchison. Yeah yeah. Who's here today bob. Yeah twenty minutes. I was beat them though. I'd beat them be wildly showed up. I think if you put certain type of person in front of bob and had them run the pace boban fast point by the way you swinging single now. So he's got. The crazy is just like everyone else so helper shore. You'll no question. I'm sure he's contacted better help. I have no doubt not for Not for that purpose. I have no doubt will again. Say hello bob as they all say now they say who is this guy you know. They say he just emails every day calls us every day. We try to explain what they say. They say we'll just he'll go away. You'll go away it'll blow over and just laugh and say oh no it won't no it won't deal. I got him. I got super. I told you. Because i went through it. I'm at the beginning of our showing. Four five months in happened again in like erica. Dave like why are you going adam. Just ignore them. And i said sal works then once you start going after everyone they realize well okay just into their credit. They're like we'll do whatever you want. Vigil as we say we talk all the time but this and you are lucky. You got a company that stands mind you. I mean you know what it's like to have a company that doesn't stand by you. We went through right and i I don't have that that luxury you know. But i mean at least now you have. Yeah i mean now freedom. Or i mean they they were podcast. One was like who is this guy and i'm here in beverly hills. They don't know who he is. I don't even know how i am. They just know that. I had a podcast and every advertiser every day would get harassed by murchison so it work exactly the same as was with us like except the was no personal. They would just like you know this guy's nuts. What do we do what. I say you got to stand up to him and they would bring out just right. We'll just wait. It'll go away and it never does. It must be nice. I mean i know you know it's it's it's harder for you for sure but at least now i mean he'll keep trying i guess because you're going to do you're gonna do add. We'll keep trying but at least now you have the comfort of knowing the people who are going to be with you now. I would think would be more where you are. Did you hear our first subscription. Only show i heard What's the guy's name Greg list gray. A fake journalist called our advertisers and pretended he was doing a story about me. Supporting the insurrection. Right so this is. This is right when it happened in january it was yeah right the and colorado to his credit just dug up me the next day. Just absolutely condemning the insurrection and for the next three or four days. The only time. I support them is when they over punish them. They're still imprisoned later for a trespassing. Support the insurrection as as we showed when we played all these cuts As you know plot handed logic doesn't oh. I know but as you know that you have to deal with the advertisers right and they would Take the call. He'd say. I'm douglas graham journalist. I'm working on a story about how callahan's ports the insurrection. That scares the hell out of people. They go holy crap you know. He's he's one of them. Did you ever figure out who it was. No it's not it's not murchison. No but i think he might be merged it could be it could be any one of those fringe lunatics could be any of them it could be. You know these crazy people who've done wouldn't surprise and i think that was good. That was those crowns idea because it does show people the links to which they'll go to ruin you and right as i sell the time it only works one way. There's no one on on the left side getting harassed like that. And that's you know it's one thing to say you know i hate you. It's another thing to say. Hey i'm on pretend journalist. And i'm going scare everybody who support you if what they did. I know people are just scare. Some people don't know when we talk with merchants. Some people roll their is but i mean i. It's it's i don't articulate well enough and level and that's what i thought that was a good idea to show us does and i can. I said that you know. Two or three advertiser had i had. I have stood up to those people. Frigging heroes i. I love as you both talked about many times. You know. elliott complaints ski. Not only stand up the murchison. He said i'm going to sue you. If you send me another email right. That's all that's all they had to be done and no one wants. You'd say no very few people did that. They they just assumed bail on us and many did as i mentioned in the podcast when they got rid of me they sat me down and said he cost us eight million bucks in the last two years million dollars and they just kept rolling over they still have never stood up to the guy. We haven't had a virgin kills. You got here too. I don't believe so no it makes you wonder what we've got. No murchison kilson. We told you have whatever ads. And then you know like on a monday with have four and then wednesday with three. I'd say what happened. He said i'll murchison godden and the ones that stick with you. You just love them you say. Of course they get the loyal. They're you know they're they're not afraid. But as you know like we've rations aren't people they're corporation so they'd say i don't want to bother with that or i don't want to get anything on us so let's just do what he says. Oh let's just put our money somewhere else. That's why he's so effective. Yeah well so so go help.

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