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From the outset including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who initially said quote the ethics committee should review the matter and senator bill cassidy who said franken quote did not have to quit while lamenting a lack of due process according to politico those familiar with franken's thinking say he is not reconsidering his decision to resign minnesota governor mark dayton is already named lieutenant governor tina smith to succeed frank and who has said she intends to run next november to complete the remaining two years of franken's term do you know like when you're in a situation that has a real opportunity to to run a rut wrote go askew when there are elements out there you see the words due process as inconvenient you see due process as dirty words you seen due process as getting in their way of whatever campaign they're running or whatever mission they are on elle franken said from the very beginning you know what from very beginning voluntarily let's take this through the senate ethics committee let's have a bipartisan investigation and i will abide by ever comes to that down friends randy now re as convenience and somebody who i don't know found jesus 17 years after kissing up to the clintons suddenly is the one leading the charge of course and i stand surely i understand it unfortunately i actually like cair scintilla brand new i think that i ask a question everybody at this table and everybody watching that can hear me does anybody believe that kirstin jello brands position on the clintons would be what it is today if hillary clinton had been elected president the united states now we'll just leave airtel be working yeah self frank and would still be senator if hillary clinton had been elected president united states and cure sinjil a brand who road in the clintons wake for decades would still be riding in that wake right now but let's just move that to the side.

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