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Peril. My fellow citizen. Congressman Tom McClintock. He's a big believer in local government and less power in the National capital one. He's also for ensuring the security of voting. We're gonna talk about that a little bit with him. I'd like to ask him if there's any hope of either party. Ever deciding that fiscal responsibility matters again. In the last three PM because if you ask that at the beginning, it will drive everybody into despair. Since both parties have abandoned the idea, Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. We have not abandoned Warrior Foundation Freedom station That does such incredible work with our wounded warriors. When they need it, the most. They do amazing work. I mean, awe inspiring if you ever got a chance to visit and talk to the folks who benefit from it. You would give until it hurts there. That great we're telling you got Armstrong and getting calm. Don't need as much as you can. Whether it's $10.10,000 dollars. We're on the lookout for whales. Er, where be my whales? So stay tuned for that. Tom McClintock next They're strong and getting TriStar Pictures brings you the last Vermeer, A captivating new thriller Directed by Dan Freakin, starring Guy Pearce implies bang based on true events. The Last Vermeer is the exciting story of a debonair artist who is accused of selling precious art to the Nazis and the soldier who's convinced of his innocence. The Hollywood reporter says World War Two movies have covered almost every possible angle. And yet.

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