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Miami Dade cope with nineteen trend tracker a website dedicated to monitoring long and short term trends a positive increase in about half a percent today so we've seen a consistent increase in terms of the numbers of cases and the percentage that are positive doctor merry Joe Chuck gotcha chair of FIU's epidemiology department says the only tracker specific to South Florida and unlike the health department when it reports the average change over time and it finds the impacts on local hospitals to make sure that they don't get overloaded democratic lawmakers and civic leaders are demanding an apology from governor de Santis after he attributed the state's rising coronavirus cases to Hispanic farm workers and day laborers governor Disentis recently said the biggest outbreak area in the state was in the agricultural community state representative hobby err Fernandez called the statement embarrassing and appalling the sunshine state now has more than a hundred thousand confirmed cases of cold at nineteen and more than three thousand deaths meanwhile the state health department is looking to send more resources to Florida's agricultural communities including the ability to get tested for corona virus that is Sarah Bartlett reporting any thirty three the FDA is warning about nine hand sanitizers to stop using in this global health pandemic the agency warned that the products may contain methanol which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin the brands include clean care Santa germ levar the good gel ask biochem and all clean if you have them the FDA says stop using them coming up on eight thirty three this morning and gun maker Smith and Wesson is being sued by victims of a few mass shootings the gun control advocacy groups filed one of the suits over shooting at a synagogue near San Diego on the last day of Passover last year saying that Smith and Wesson unlawfully designed and marketed the weapon used based on California regulations a similar complaint was filed last month by the parent of a student killed in the twenty eighteen parkland massacre the Miami Dade department of corrections is under fire for forcing a Muslim woman to remove her she job for her booking photo eighteen year old ally must read was arrested in Miami protest on June tenth an attorney with the council on American Islamic relations has removing her heat up as improper spokesperson though says the head covering several arrestees are always returned to them after their search and the photos taken by a change dot org petition claims and Mosley remained without her he job for hours coming up on eight thirty for the threat of severe weather at the Cape is delaying today's launch of SpaceX's falcon nine launch of more starlink internet satellites is now set for Thursday afternoon and if you're looking for some entertainer for your children out of the house learning can be fun at the museum of discovery and science in fort Lauderdale it is back open to the general public today after opening to members last week exploration stem discoveries animal encounters the IMAX experience they're all open capacity is capped at twenty five percent and you are required to wear masks and have your temperatures checked upon entry and the good news a plume of African dust in the Caribbean is making its way to Florida keeping tropical systems at bay as if getting a breath of fresh air while wearing a mask isn't difficult enough this Aaron dust which is expected to start moving into South Florida today could irritate the respiratory system of those especially with underlying medical conditions Miami fire rescue captain Ignatius Carroll recommend staying indoors and using recycled air in your home or car also make sure that whatever medications that you take to help you out deal with those type of underlying medical issues make sure that you have that with you I think it's concentration of dust particles is expected to move over the state and into the Gulf coast by the end of the work week R. Crabtree guess newsradio six ten WYO D. mornings at nine at eight thirty five I'm Natalie Rodriguez newsradio six ten WIOD six doctors real friends is the podcast recaps the television sitcom scrubs from the perspective of this year the stars and Donald Faison I'm sure this is so annoying but I just wanna say I love the show and I'm like I'm always like it's annoying you kidding me that's like the best common you give us so annoying when you eaten food joint second Donald twice a week as the interview former cast members directors and even creator bill Lawrence listen to fake doctors real friends I heart radio wherever you listen to podcasts it's hard to think of an institution most central to American life then the US postal service I'm Danny Glover and both my parents supposed to work on the prices with the post office but postal.

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