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This is marketplace i'm car results zip where there is a phrase you might know yes we can president obama used the during his two thousand eight campaign he stole it actually as he has admitted from the united farmworkers was commonly known though is who actually came up with it not as you might think so chavez deloris worth at cofounded the uaw which of is in 1962 it's her line and there's new documentary out about dolores huerta directed by peter brett carlos santana is the executive producer guys thanks come in the studio welcomed broker thank you have in us how did this when we come to pass see the man sitting mission was yes is your idea how how come because i felt it her story needs to come to light so the other women specifically in man but specifically woman all over the world india africa south america can recognize the value of your inner superpowers you know 442 low women have been reduced to something that is not quite so when quality so much archival footage in this film and a lot of interviews with her kid she had has eleven children he spent a lot of time sitting now the kids and one of them says at one point the movement was her favorite cia became her number one truck came ruin her moonshell air and that sort of hit me i mean the choices she made to serve those who who cancer of themselves as somebody else in the film says had serious and lasting impact on an owner kits they talk about this right you have before making the film a i new a few for children oh digits cali though edged the i'll fight for social justice in one way or another and really care the same fires and mother and i just vote in order to tell the story it had to be a family story in declares as as latinos the families at the centre of life and and i just felt that their voice you know i would add so much dimension and and you do see the sacrifice i do think certain individuals come come to the planning commission and throw yeah that's pretty loose exhibit in its and she's definitely one of those those great souls that came here with the mission chillier no no chose well it's so there's there's a there's a joint interview with.

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