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Tom Brady, Brees, Mclovin discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Somebody's a little sensitive today. Mclovin is having a pity party here. I'm fine. No, I don't know. We kind of called your bluff a little bit on the Tom Brady system quarterback. And then you said that you never said he was assistant system quarterback and Seton did a little research and we have an I team investigation. And now go to the newsroom for an investigation. The motto of our news team is we don't break news. We sprayed it. Let's go to the newsroom point. Dan to recap over the past eleven years. Mclovin has accused some peel VM system quarterbacks benefiting from being in a system, etc. Etc. I think that's fair to say. Yeah, and last-second including Joe Montana, which he said to his face. Yeah, and responded by saying I afford to his face and then exactly. Yeah. Last segment, Andrew went against the grain said, Tom Brady is not a system quarterback, and he doesn't really think he's ever been assistant. Correspondent O'Connor has more all right. Yes. You because I think it's been making that case for like the last ten years, Tom Brady, he's like the poster child of being a system quarterback in interested. I never said that you guys said that guy, and would you find so Google to Andrew Pearl of system quarterback. A lot of results and an article called an inconvenient truth comes up in the first line is Mr.. Perfect. Was Mr. average in Super Bowl, blah, blah, blah. And then when you go down, it says, even with the record and accolades Brady is a system quarterback boy, that must have been the editor. He. Explanation. I shouldn't say obviously. Wow. Obviously mclovin. That was ten years ago. I've evolved my system quarterback takes that these, so he's not a system quarterback. He doesn't have like what his offense. I don't even know what you call it. It doesn't have like a classic system. So I was wrong radio's not a system quarterback because it feels like they've won with a variety of shapes and sizes at wide receivers and running backs and tight ends offense. Everything's been interchangeable. They're paulie helped me out in the break. He. He said, the reason people under breeze drew breeze feels like a run and shoot quarterback, like kind of like the Warren Moon, Jim Kelly, just like an offense. It puts up big numbers indoors. There's just a vibe around breeze. It may not be accurate by think. That's why the perception around breeze is a little bit less than the top three guys have all time Yashwant, but you would think drew Brees having so many attempts would have a lower percentage passing percentage. He actually has one of the great passing percentage of history. He's led the league in completion percentage, four times. He's a sixty seven percent career. Passer, compare that to Andrew luck whose. Like fifty seven. So Brees is mastered the system even without another Super Bowl. He's probably he's certainly a top ten quarterback. Does he get bonus points perception wise for being small? No, it feels like it's used against him that you just refuse to acknowledge that somebody that small can be one of the great quarterbacks of all time. I, I don't think we look at it and go, yeah, you know what?.

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