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I no, not everybody that can't be true because I know there's, there's people in this league that are just playing for paychecks what they're playing basketball. Or they see the dollar signs, I mean, oh care if they ever cheap success. I mean, it's it's interesting. I mean, you had a conversation. A couple of weeks is out in Charlotte. What motivates people when it really comes down to why do people do what they do? Some people do it for money. Some people do it for notoriety like fame and shit. But I think really when it comes down to it has to be a self image in your own mind of the if we're talking context, this is Frankie. Franken ski works hard, and he's wants to be a champion. And as you said, it alluded, that's not, but that's not the connotation that comes off. You know what I mean? That's one good thing about having a platform like this because I mean, while you think you've gotten better with the media, I wouldn't say like, I think where you're at right now, it's not a question that probably it's asked if you a whole ton like I want. I wanna say this, I've gotten better with the media. I've also think I'm at the point where I've outsmarted the media. Let's dive. That's all right. How. Explain that to walk through that. I think the media at this point is so used to ask questions that people in people giving routine answers that they don't really necessarily dive into to people who could explain more. They They could could actually actually. good insightful answer. Yes, it, oh, and there's, there's, there's a lot of intelligent people. There's there's. Look at, look around the NBA, the sports, the spokespeople for the NBA. Unbelievable..

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