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So we've got Mac fabulous, fusel ruffles, scaramanga, and indefatigable well named sources. As in, well known horses, but betting in the dark, what's your take? I think my father should win this. He didn't run badly at the entry last time, I was with chief pieces on for the first time. And I think he's been waiting for this kind of opportunity. He's not quite a grid one horse over hurdles. Potentially, as I said, last season. Absolutely smashing chess during the making, but he had a setback earlier in the season and Paul Nichols decided to keep over hurdles. This year, and he's not had an ideal campaign. He ran up all of himself on his reappearance on bride that was too soft from the real keel. And then he was probably a sick horse when he ran next time. Bounce back to form to run respectively. Behind epitomes and the entry hurdle, but he's not quite up to that level, but this is a lot easier for you. I even conceding weird to his rivals. A few rounds of the chess of these days doesn't appeal on quick grind going back over. Over hurdles, scaramanga, we haven't seen him since running in the Cesaro, which and I'm not sure, again, his last run was in the handicap hurdle. At this meeting last year, when he won a mark of one four four, he'd have half a chance of that, but his absence is definitely worth and writes them. And you can decide that that's a pointer, but I just think that lorcan Williams was on board with McLaughlin's last MI that makes a bit of sense to allow him to me and Tim that partnership. It decided a little bit of a big chance on our best form. She's not been at her best this season. Not since a very good second, and I had the capital at Shelton in December. And she took a pretty nasty fall in the mayor's hurdle. Last month, I just wondered whether that will, that will impinge on her enthusiasm, which looked to be winning a newbery. In November, she ran very well to win the to win the west Yorkshire hurdle on her reappearance, which given a good ride by Donald J staying wide on the battlegrounds. Using her tactical speed rather than rather than her stamina to win that female contest, she didn't really want to start at newbury next time. And that was the first sign that she was maybe thinking twice about the racing game. It should look very tough and genuine before them, but she didn't really want to set off. She was about to form a cheltenham, as I said, when Lucy waldens mayor, I just got the better offer and a tight finish. But again, she didn't want her wrist when she was favorite at Warwick for that mayor's contest. The Warwick mayor's hurdle. I thought she looked a little bit reluctant to exhaust herself for all that it turned out to be good for him because the marriage would do whatever he wanted. And you can kind of look through that again all that's better for him than it looks at the time. But I don't think so she put up not much of a fight there and of course we don't know what she would have done in the marital itself because it was just beginning to take shape when she found heavy fall at the top of the hill. So she's been a real fan of a real fun one. It's been a real overhead over the years. It'll be the final point. Every morning. That's what I first. I've been a fan of hers, but I'm just I'm a little concerned about a couple of things I've seen this season since she won on a return and I'm against her for that. I've been, I've been vaguely promising to be able to look at the start of this season, but he hasn't had his conditions and 90 doors under the faster. The front of the ground, the better for him. He needs to be giving width lesser horses rather than running against grade one horses over hurdles. He gets that set up here, and I think you should win. Okay. Should win, love that. So our final race is the four 40. It's the Josh Gifford novices handicapped chase present in counting for Brian Hughes and Donald McCain, Harry skelton and Dan skeleton. We've got beach town, a flick of oil, for Paul Nichols and Harry cobden and Jack Maher for the back Milton Harris after a tremendous season as well in Fargo Bryan had a great season to brief ambition done again. We'll look back in the season with great fondness imagine and can he go out with a winner or is there something else in here that you're looking at a 153 winners is we're currently recording for Donald McCain. This present and counting going to add to that or is there something else here that takes a 153 winners and only one of them in a grid event? Bonkers isn't it? Yeah bonkers. They won the old car and I was a chess. I'd hate up in February and was a pretty moderate contest. That was with Manila. Vanilla times. Hello. Vanilla drama. Spend all the time. Because I would have both thought about that, but maybe not. Maybe not another times this season. Vanilla drama wanted, yes. President Klein is an interesting one here. Again, the faster the grind, the better for him. DOM came a song about him being potentially his only runner at the chart on the vessel, but he didn't go in the end. And it was the grime of soft enough for him when he fell in the race one by big time they are the last time. He's two points lower, which is an interesting..

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