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Game thus far I'd and it for brown Phil general manager Mike Tannenbaum Anthony Salter football frenzy ESPN radio the ESPN app SiriusXM channel lady presented by progressive insurance all callers via the shell pencil performance line I know it's early it's only the first quarter but real early observations thus far from you Mike on this forty Niners Packers seven oh game right now serves as co well Tate Kyle shares a great play caller and I was a freaking great call on third down thirteen seven thirty six yard touchdown run by road he bolstered who is a great straight line runner meaning if there's an opening he can really hit it and go he's explosive and third down play calling well when you can change of the White House and those with the sub runs it's so hard to defend because everything's about past Russian match ups in the passing game I think he's really affect about that and on the other side of it we've talked about it this way for Green Bay to win this game or stay close is he got a winner for second down Nick Bosa had a sack but it was on third and seven again thirty seven that's a winning situation for the forty nine or so again the kid this game is going to be working Green Bay due on first down what they can do a second out they have no chance of this gets into a third down game I Rogers look sharp so far I thought initially storm battle floors play calling for the Green Bay office was really good with very creative just in terms of again short passing game ruling Rogers out but on the third down play big shot by Nick Bosa again thirty seven traditional down distance for pocket pass and even Bakhtiari although he's a talented left tackle Anthony the Green Bay Packers he's no match dot that many are for the great Nick Bosa and in defense of bodyguards Rogers did try to get outside the pocket there and and and ran kind of in the Nick Bosa but never the less it was still an athletic play by both since your point might both sad bucket sorry on states a little bit so this forty Niners up seven all Rogers five of five twenty six your drop below three of three forty two yards the running game right now for the forty Niners is on point Raheem Mostert three carries forty seven yards and as might just let you know that touchdown is well and this is really Mike the game plan the game script for the forty Niners if you were to kind of lay out a forty Niners victory I would think a lot of it would be run the football for actively open up play action Virginia rob Lowe and let those four dominant defense event defense defensive lineman get after your Rogers is a not a hundred percent I think that's really well said Anthony and they have on offense to when you were you know the other side of the ball they do a great job of run after catch we've already seen it with people Samuel their rookie out of South Carolina so again it's a will bill bill team that's why they're in the final four that's why they were will flip the script from who in the senior bowl your go to being you know will give away for possibly going to sue role there really well built and these are low risk throws a Jimmy Garoppolo has to make that could turn to big plays like we've already seen devotion to make right now the forty Niners ten point two yards per attempt the Packers under three right now average yards per per play so that one is all forty Niners very good discrepancy again in favor of San Francisco a Methodist alter loss of former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum and ESPN inside NFL insider field Yates you he's he stepped away from a sea always leaves us around this time Mike but will carry of the rest of the way here on football frenzy ESPN radio ESPN out I'd mention the potential Superbowl lines right now it's Caesar's this is actually before kick off in the NFC championship game I imagine these these numbers either were taken off the board or of change but the chief war minus four and a half if they were to play the Packers in the Super Bowl over under fifty three and here this is this one's interesting to me Mike I want to get your thoughts on this so before the game if the chiefs in forty Niners if they pose a potential Super Bowl lines that came that Superbowl game would be a pick'em are you surprised by that no I think you they were we'd like to see is pastor Rome's down for two minutes to go in Miami I guess the forty niner defense we got wow I did too it's a great question probably my home still yeah but I mean it it if we wanna live radio would probably pause to think about it a little bit longer yeah it's interesting that's what could come down to at the end of day is this great offense of Kansas city that's been so prolific against this dominate forty niner defense and straight again straight that's why it really would be a pick'em game to me at the end they the big X. factor right now is a player Patrick homes with his feet because I don't really know how you could stop them now if you're the forty Niners and we're getting way ahead of ourselves but you wanna keep somebody like the homes in the pocket and try to corral him in from a passer standpoint keep him in the pocket but were million miles away from that but I could see why we're talking about a Kansas city San Francisco game on neutral turf being a pick'em game because it truly is straining constraint and interestingly as a fan of the sport I'd love to see Hey could the forty niner offense will be given to the defense maybe and rob what you'll see all plays out but I still think Green Bay despite the start will be in it because again I think about what floor is going to keep trying to match his game through either running the ball or short passing game and I don't think they're gonna allow Nick Bosa dominated forty Niners up seven all right now in the NFC championship game they're under a minute before the end of the first quarter will keep you updated there earlier today the Kansas City Chiefs punch their ticket to the Superbowl by beating the Tennessee Titans thirty five twenty four Ryan Tannehill twenty one of thirty one two hundred nine yards two touchdowns no picks couldn't get it done here's what Ryan Tannehill I'd say the podium following the loss software always kind of.

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