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Of this new wild card format in the NFL, and it got off with a bang here. Bills. Winning their first playoff game since 1995 27 24 over the Colts called beat themselves in a lot of ways. I don't mean with turnovers. I mean, with leaving points on the board. The Colts this year. The 472 yards that they racked up offensively was the most all season by them. Most all year. And they became the first team in NFL playoff history. Have more than 470 yards of offense, No turnovers and lose. So a dubious honor for them. Bills defensively, Lucky to walk away with a win. They were bailed out by their offense. That offense scored 10 points in the fourth quarter. Had a 98 yard drive at the end of the first half, made the most of their opportunities, kicked a 54 yard field goal. Josh Ellen didn't turn the ball over. And they're onto another home playoff game. Against either the Steelers. Tightens the Ravens. Major Philip Pony at the Pony Express on Twitter. Like the name of the show, pony spelled P O and I, I'm coming from the Rocket. Morgan Studios need to know what it takes for a home loan to fit your budget and your family rocket can Halfway through the first quarter in Seattle scoreless and this is supposed to be low, scoring the Rams the number one defense in the NFL. Playing a backup quarterback. They have Jared Goff active, but they are starting John Walford after he beat the Cardinals last week without scoring an offensive touchdown. Wolfert is in Scoreless Russell Wilson down the stretch couldn't connect on deep balls. The Seahawks offensively became a stagnant unit in the second half averaged only 23 points per game. So this is going to be an ugly game, and it's scoreless early. Although the Rams right now we're driving. They have the ball inside the Seattle 30 yard line. Tonight at 8 15 Eastern. 5 15 Pacific. It's the Buccaneers and Washington. For a look at the books. John Ledyard from Peter Report does a great job covering Tampa. And the blocks and Tom Brady and company and he joins us right now on CBS Sports Radio. John. Let's start with Mike Evans tell us about his status for this game. He absolutely, You know he is, I think not going to be 100%. But he is going to be at a point where I think they're going to feel comfortable playing him and again. How he goes on, warms up before the game matters. You know, there's nothing set in stone yet, but I'd be pretty surprised if he doesn't try to give it a go. Based on all indications from this week, tested it out. He ran on the little bitty practice lightly on it and We'll see how it goes. And maybe he's on a pitch count. I'm not sure probably depends the game situation and it also probably depends on how well he's able to manage the pain. And if there is any and things like that, so we'll see what exactly you his status will be in terms of how much he plays, but I do think you'll be out there for the first snap for the box. Okay. If he's out there, John. What kind of difference do you think he makes in this game? Well, you know, he honestly, his primary difference in the game may come is I don't want to say decoy because that's disrespectful what he does, But Washington is kind of like the whole defense of philosophy is built upon stopping the deep ball like they've allowed the least amount of deep balls tied with the Rams amount of beliefs about of 20 plus yard passes this entire season, so they're kind of Built around that philosophy. Zeal. See a lot of two I saved. You'll see some quarters coverage, so their defense kind of really wants to take away my Kevin's anyway. So by having him out there, let them take away him and work the middle of the field with Chris God when it was Rob Gronkowski with Antonio Brown, and that's really I think where Camp obeyed is kind of gonna make their money in this game. And so you know, he may. I mean, there's obviously always the potential for an explosive play down the field. On the outside with Evans. You know the curls into comebacks and things like that they'll try to target him on those. But my guess is this might be a game where Chris Godwin Antonio Brown would feast more than Evans, even if Evans were 100% healthy. Did. Brown turned the corner of the last game of the year, John Yeah, I think it was. It was a little bit of that, and er I mean, there was getting kind of acclimated to the offense. There's still some disconnect with Ian Brady on vertical routes this season, where he's been kind of mess. He's messing up some routes, not running him exactly where Brady would like them. But one of the best things that happened is over the course of the season here, the Bucks realized that we can get this guy the ball very quickly, and he can make plays in space. And that is really One missing element from the Bucks receiving corps that Brown has been able to feel so tons of the screens out to him over the last couple weeks have been really effective for them. They've gotten him the ball and let him kind of do is saying good blocking out there by Chris got one another's, so that's really been effective. It's not just been Brown. Figuring out kind of getting activity with the rest of the offense has also been the Bucks coaching staff, saying Okay. How can we use this guy best and then also realizing they can use him as an extra Seaver, and he could be press coverage at a very high rate, and that can open up things for other guys, So they've started to tweet with his versatility, and that's opened up the offense for him and his role in the offense..

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