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Flashy guy and everything but tatum on the other hand is explosive. Gig throws it down with authority at the ram like finishes up and unders and stuff work or will just like pump fake you get you off your spot and then just drop it in the you know what I mean I eight seed in the West. I couldn't imagine my team passing up on a guy like Jason Tatum just to get mark helpful. I WanNa talk about that actually real quick because I had this conversation yesterday. I'm curious your thoughts. I think that that's all a smokescreen. I think the Celtics no matter. What at one or three or always going to take Jason Tatum. People say oh you could add you. Took mark full adjacent. Tutto Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Yeah you say that you could say that for every player that you're gonNA trade will when you trade it up. You could have selecta Jason Tatum correct and I so I think it's a great before we go eight seed in the West. It's a great conversation have because about six months ago we had a conversation where you said we drafted Marquel and although that was obviously a bad selection it led to Tobias Jimmy Butler and that whole team and then what. You're now the sixers right now and I think now we can revisit that conference. Because you're like I'm still glad we drafted folds because it led to that you could have Ben Simmons Jayson Tatum Joel Embiid on rookie contracts. Thanks Dude just had to drop that nugget in. That's all right the seat in the West. What drafting Marquel is what it did it just it. It sped up the process. You'd rather mean it forced the needle like okay we got. Isn't that the irony in the word the process? You never want to speed up the process while we thank Adam. Silver for that I it's the in the West. The honor of getting swept by the Lakers will belong to. Who Like we have the grizzlies currently in the eight spot? Huge win over the Lakers. Maybe they don't get swept Engineering Jackson's out there that I think that job mirant could have like a crazy one game and get one again yankers. I think I could win. Five Grizzlies are two and a half up on the PELICANS. Three Games up on the spurs three and a half on the Blazers and kings. Where did the king's come from Sacramento where do they come from the playoff race like they were they were just bottom of the barrel and then all of a sudden they're like three and a half back seven and three in their last ten but to answer your question? Jack I have no idea they were right in there. But like you gotta think when when it becomes like this eighth seed right. You're dealing with all these teams that are the grizzlies are two games under five hundred whereas everyone else is like seven like they coming back three and a half games with I'm not gonNA try and do the math. With how many games or left thirty two. It looks like twenty two twenty two Twice I wasn't gonNA TRY WITH TEAMS. That are winning at a forty percent rate like that's hard to do whereas which is why. I think it's really a two man race between the Pelicans and the Grizzlies Probably would come down to strike the schedule. Which I don't have in front of me. I could give you an idea of so. The outlook for those five teams is Damian is hurt but the blazers have the easiest Rest of the way in terms of Scheduling Grizzlies Have a pretty tough schedule. Plus Jaren Jackson's out there. They're pretty injured Also Brandon Clark's out the spurs are. I mean they're only three games back but it just doesn't feel like I don't know them. Getting into the playoffs would be weird. It wouldn't be weird because it's Papa like they're just not that good of a team to your point. They're winning forty three percent of their games this year. It would be slightly tough. The Pal Reply. Really good basketball. You aspire obviously on the team. He wasn't there for the first forty games. This season my pick to make it. Have the Blazers GonNa miss the playoffs? They were in the Western Conference finals last year. There now that good played simple. They're really missing Zach Collins this year which is weird because I never thought he was that good but of Sam. Whiteside stinks stinks. And he's putting up like fifteen and twelve this year. Yeah like I mean. He used to be a lot better in Miami in those early years. But he's never really getting over the hump. I don't know you wanNA give Damian lower because of WHO. He is as a superstar. The benefit of the doubt that he would make the playoffs to three and a half games. Who knows when Dame's coming back like town you? That's that's tough that's tough to do. I really think that the grizzlies out of those teams play the best team ball on a consistent basis and I mean they have their guy jaws their leader whether he's nineteen year old nineteen years old the whole different story. Can you be a leader? But he's clearly able to rally those young guys around him and get on my back and let's go at which is awesome to see so far but operative I'm gonNA give the Grizz the benefit of the doubt that they're gonNA hold onto. It Dame's out Monday night against the magic. But this is their next stretcher. Games Orlando Washington Phoenix Sacramento Phoenix Memphis at home. Like they have a very good opportunity. I mean they don't realize is I'm curious if that's their last match up with the grizzlies because those had two heads or what? It's GonNa come to the Dan they play HOUSTON MINNESOTA DALLAS MINNESOTA CHARLOTTE DETROIT. Boston Philly Brooklyn like I don't know they just have A. They have a winnable schedule down the stretch. They have the experience as much as like. You said you liked John. Moran you like the way he rally his guys. But when Damian Lillard comes back he's an all start super all pro all MBA plyer. I'm I take him three games over. Jami rant in this situation you're going with the Grizz. I mean the the Blazers. I think it's either the blazers or the Pelicans Loki. The PELICANS are just a really good team like they should be a five hundred team. I think by the end of the year. Yeah no I mean. They have their veteran guys. They've they definitely out of the all. The teams remaining I think have the most talent like in terms of depth. But I mean obviously the blazers have Damon the top heavy. But I don't know what could you not see a situation where up Gregg Popovich twenty one years in a row has made the playoffs live. Course like it's the spurs it's like I'm not GonNa say it's the Patriots but in a way it is like they're just always going to be there. Yeah Ir I mean the first round good mansion of the Patriots as we moved to the NFL. Tony Romo signed a multi year contract. I think got one hundred million dollars in total to commentate. Nfl Football Games. Lovie Jay and Deandre Hopkins. Were going back and forth on twitter so You know I wanNA become in games. I don't WanNa play Oh. Bj makes eighteen million a year. Romo's GonNa make seventy million to talk about Oh. Bj playing in the game. He's GonNa make more than Hopkins only Two or three wider fevers. Julio Michael Thomas and Ab when he was in league made more than seventy million a year. What were your thoughts on the Romo deal? I have no problem with it. I have absolutely no problem with it. As a matter of fact I have a problem with the players going at him and say there's no reason that he should be making this much first off. You never talked about another man. Man's money that's one thing to it is too. I understand that Tony. Romo is getting paid. We'll come and you off. Let me tell you off. I don't think they're like hating on Romo. They're more hating on the system. That idea to be I know. I know I know listen. This is what I have a problem with it because I understand that Tony. Romo is getting paid to commentate the NFL players Games and in the end of the day the product that the NFL puts on the field are the players. And that's beginning most of the revenue but in the same breath it is two totally different industries. You see what I'm saying. One Guy Plays a professional sport. The other guys television What's the word I'm looking? Yeah commentator or just personality two totally different fields I understand that they coexist in the same field almost being football but at the same time. It is two totally different jobs and supply and demand. Cbs CBS is the one paying. Tony runs the NFL is not. That's why have a problem. It is two totally different revenue. Pools that pay different entities. And that's why I think it's an issue that these players are are lashing out and say he's getting paid too much money dude that if you want to do it go compensate but Tony. Romo has clearly shown a great ability to commentate. Nfl Games. I actually at. I didn't like him when he was doing. All that pre-snap stuff I thought he was Doing too much and trying to. He was overbearing on the broadcast but said CBS's told him. Hey take a step back and I actually think Tony. Romo is one of the best at what he does in terms of commentators in the NFL. So I think it is justified. The demand is there. The supply is there if the NFL was paying Tony. Romo sure I'd have a problem with it but the NFL. Cbs are two totally different companies. Which is why. I don't think that it's fair that these players are lashing out saying that. Tony Romo was getting paid too much money. Tony Romo's a future superstar as a commentator. He already is a very big star but like they see him as Gus Johnson a Jim Nance and they wanNA lock them down so respect to cvs for doing that. But I am I am. I assume they did the research. And they know how much he's worth to the broadcast. And I do enjoy Tony. Romo but I'm only go like I'm going to watch patriots versus dealers at four fifteen on. Cbs Weather Romo's announced commentating. Or someone else's. I'm GonNa Watch the Ravens. Whatever time they're on course. I don't know if I'm necessarily going to watch a game over like or go to the TV. To Go. Watt like people. Watch Monday night football. They hate Boettger. But they're still gonNA watch money for Buff Bulat Sunday for but what whatever your feelings are on Al Michaels and Collins. Word. You're GonNa Watch football and it doesn't really matter so I am genuinely curious. how. Cbs got to that number. And how saw the value in Romo as commentator? Because there's no doubt in. My mind is one of the best but when it comes to football like people are tuning in regardless. I guess it makes for better view inexperienced Zach but it but it doesn't mean they're not gonNa tune in in my opinion. No one hundred percent. They're always get a tune in because like I said the NFL. Football is the product. I but like you said Romo's enhancing that that viewing experience for you and for ign. Yes you're not going to sit down and say oh we got..

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