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Come in with a can Pablo sixty three the Tigers are attend promise of sixty for the Tigers have a better net fifty four to seventy four there's a big difference there but if you look at the camp palm what a difference and that's why Memphis really is the underdog on the road here yeah it is surprise I I guess the excel centre is Dave they're figuring that in how tough is places to play but they've been very successful here this year's well I've lost a lot of close games that number point seven are less able lost a lot of games are very close at this year's Palmer time games as well for you guys so this is a guy and I was sort of a circle on a schedule I look at it speaking of which isn't it amazing Cincinnati Reds another game in overtime today by two at east Carolina and now they played in six overtime games I am a one four of what's pretty good at that's a good percentage of the out over time to be able to say you got a plus better inspect veteran referee chroot here Pat Adams Jeff Anderson Steve Anderson about to give you the chick fillet opening tipoff Tigers wearing black blue numbers the Huskies white with navy blue trim at the tip hi there a cocoa gets it over precious then here comes Jane's book by in the front court will center on the right side the gaffe make yep we'll work left side against Paul who knocks the ball away is it the board for a Patty to try to save that he acted out of bounds with eighteen on the shot clock just under way first possession Tigers go right to left on your radio dial but that also right there by David Bach basketball that is something that penny is made a a big thing he didn't think they were diving it loose balls the Emmaus center circle to a coke a coke it'll give the ball to Gaffney Gaffney spiked it right side the top three on the way no rebound taken by boy was to play lance Thomas and then blog double trouble right in front of us there were twenty four turnovers in the game at FedEx forum by the Tigers there is the first in this one not so sure he was not give the ball to give a good movie and I got a decision there turned it over so to thirty in a sideline entry for book nine all the way to the back corner Gaffney in Bora will hound him that'll be freshman on freshness Gaffney into the front door slides the ball to Carl Carl's in hand off the book my top of the queue outside without left watch the Carlton on lance Thomas Blanton five blocks of the first game in the front shot is put up known precious gets the rebound from notice here come the Tigers impressions in the front court right are he's going to the whole high in the air puts it up by rebound so the Huskies in book but it's got a side trip would not put a block plane lands promising to players go down book night and Thomas in the file is called a I think it's a phone call or okay maybe it was a you know it's on booking follows called a book deals with the gave the kick signal to be dead and we got a cooker cuckoos down on the other side he may of I was watching the ball he may have gone down after.

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