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The Australian Open is the world's number one ranked player adding to his case as the greatest player of all time but it all doesn't play tennis so much as he works it blistering the ball with annihilating force lacing it with somersaulting topspin imposing his will on the opponent his relentless approaches strikingly effective in strikingly at odds with the vibe on the Spanish island where he was born leaves now invalid never to leave it all invited us to his home town last month during what passes for an off season in tennis five weeks most players used to rest up before the start of a new season with no one for the dial we found him blasting away at practice every morning deploying his lefty forehand double fisted back he every bit as dialed in as he is during his match such is his intensity the doll requires two sparring partners his main oil was once the world's number one ranked player himself he struggled that was easy the dollar joked but I I wouldn't see the full disclosure I've covered a doll for fifteen years on the pro tennis tour but this was our first extended on camera interview he's fluent in English but expresses himself more freely in Spanish you're not laid back when you play tennis tell your knowing about something I think I'm a very intense person with a lot of energy I mean I I love what I live life and supports a maximum intensity this is how I feel that in twenty nineteen the world perhaps the best six month stretch the middles career even by his dizzyingly high standards he won the French Open of course the this will title on the red clay of Paris more than any player in history has won any major in September in New York he reeled off the shot of the year watch this no over the next round yes this is legal on his way to winning the US open for a fourth time by the time he Kerry Steen to Davis Cup title already number one in the world he's turned closing out the season on time as one observer put it even at this stage of his career the doll please like he's broke we would for charging former SBI what hive cutthroat ambition would produce this kind of ruthless competitor actually it's my work the largest of Spain's Bullard islands a patchwork of turquoise coves mountain ranges rolling meadows my or conflicts comfortably in the Mediterranean think of it is something akin to a tennis ball Spain volleyed in the direction of Italy the usual historical suspects Carthaginian Romans and mortars all left their mark here how many generations of Nadal's have been on this island best on this many noble class quite a few what is it like to you coming back to my work after spending time on the road but I mean what I'm I only come back to America means coming back to a normal life and normal life makes me happy the whole etcetera but I find I'm not just laughing on the tennis player I become but often another human being again new dollars so would catch to the place that would floods ravage my York in twenty eighteen he put down his racket grabbed a broom and became just another volunteer the island raised him so too did his parents grandparents uncles and aunts three generations of the dolls living together quite literally on top of each other in this apartment block in the small town of mine a core cool me deal on held play professional soccer in gave rob on his first glimpse of life under stadium like seven until one enough on my wrist managed to have a peaceful normal life he said again I love so yes most of his family and for me that was a very good example in black but it was another uncle Toni Nadal then a local tennis instructor who recognized Rafa's talent no no I meant the logical school normally when you throw the ball to most kids they wait for the ball to come to them a lot of anger but when he was three years old he went straight for there were no perks to being the instructors nephew quite the opposite tell me single them out making him pick up balls and sweep the court after practice hardly one of it was kind of you I I wanted to prepare my nephew for the future and they thought the future will be very difficult you say you were tough were you too tough sometimes still it was out of the question at Rafah would leave home and his uncle's coaching to attend an academy this day than the doll family operates as a tightly knit clan the ten rock those big matches together the toast his successes together they can call to celebrate right from the start the Donald isn't instant fina thousand five weeks you turn nineteen he won his first French Open his stubborn refusal to surrender in the speed he can generate with a flick of the wrist always made a mere unbeatable on clay court yet the signature moment of the dolls entire career came on grass Wimbledon in two thousand seven the doll was closed to dethrone sports and reading king Roger Federer to win the tournament for the first time then in keeping with the unfortunate the movement golf career his body betrayed him a knee injury this time do you remember how low you were after that two thousand seven Wimbledon final that is to I was sad and I was angry with myself enough we got back because I wasn't able to indoor I meant I meant to lead the pain the suffering and the tension left and she we don't got another shot the following year in what's been called the greatest match ever played see he pulled his with dinner spoon back you have rain delay rob the conferred with his uncle okay the William Yankee again telling you at that point I thought Rafael was more likely to lose than to win Yankee hill there until he looked up at me and said relax I'm not going to lose this match hello my whole navy federal wins but I'm not going to lose winning Wimbledon was a dream I got out late on a ride or genuine beating Roger in the way one when a cell in a way that is something I will never forget the Donald didn't just overcome federal he confronted another persisted nemesis the Dow in his head you would say to me if I don't feel doubt I'm going to be in trouble doubt is very important to my success what you mean by that another man who asks if you don't have doubts it probably means that you're being arrogance most athletes might think the exact opposite that that delta bad you're you're saying doubts are almost a power strength yeah but I think I think so yes I think it's good for me because then I feel alert and then he says when the part because tennis is a sport where things can change very quickly online that I'm a yeah that's the great beauty of our support area beauty of the doll for all his focus and aggression he's also unfailingly sporting which sometimes distinguishes him from calling you a broken too many rackets in competition have you how many you know the total yes say what is it zero zero never broken a racket what what what is it about me family and my family he wouldn't have allowed me to break a racquet and but I mean I'm better money in that breaking a racquet means I'm not in control of my mission was the honest in full control of his emotions at least until the last point he's a mass nineteen majors only one behind Roger Federer's record of twenty but in this rivaled sports rivalry Nadal leads the head to head matchups twenty four to sixteen if it a long interview and not been asked about Roger Federer the father you know and another I'd be delighted arrival colleague a friend what was your relationship program vocal at all I think it's a little bit of everything the most and Ellen we had a very intense rivalry throughout our careers but it's been a very healthy rivalry silent it's respectful right then I spoke to us I mean I got a moment we've also reached a stage in our lives where we are able to appreciate that it's not just about winning Nidal did admit to being jealous of Federer in one respect do you ever envy the the health of your rivals say yes sometimes I do advocate shoe the my rebels have faced for your injuries and I've had to say one of the theories with your injuries is that you practice and play with so much intensity that it it takes a physical price is that something you agree with not on a lesser known or I don't know as I look at them and I was told that for many years I was told that because of the way I play I would never have a very long career but Hey I'm still here this is the final set of McDonald's career uncle Tony stepped aside in Rafah has a new voice in his ear Carlos Moya is naturally hello my orchid what percent of his intensity did you have when you were a player ten percent to ten percent drop in and out and yet you come from the same place that he's a different one on me hearing my Erica we are like easy except that he's accepted at the doll turned his sleepy hometown of mine a core into a worldwide tennis destination the rough in the dollar Cantonese a sprawling complex for enthusiasts inspiring prunes when we asked the doll if you ever considered moving his operation as if to emphasize the point he switched to English to answer honestly not a lot of people the US because of Texas for me it was difficult to take that position because I have all the people that I love here and I will win much more money if I moved to another place but moving to another place if I'm not happy should could be very very expensive last October Nadal married his longtime girlfriend Maria Francisco Perry yep she's my organ too she helps run the dolls charitable foundation intends to avoid the public on the we found them together one night hosting a group of donors how did you ask her to marry well we have to do yes and it only took us to a plot of land he bought recently where he and his wife will eventually break ground on the new family home he told us he'd planned to have kids by now then again he also thought he'd be off the tour by this is a part of my car bye bye this living there your parents live across the bay yeah aside I aids with because I have the ball to obey close so that helps the grease you keep about here yeah yes in thirty minutes and with three minutes here the vote you're out out Mediterranean only one problem with this spot the problem here is the the kids during the summer lego then they jump because because there's nobody in the house they come up and they come back you know they could they come from inside the properties of the hang out for my work at his rock Rafa's away playing tennis the one we don't want to his property and jump off the cliff and that's that's that's the have you jumped off of yeah well a couple of times this is where you maybe it was the effects of being back home maybe it's because he is back on top we filmed Rafael Nadal ready to take the measure of his entire surpassing career you've had some incredible victories and you've had some cutting losses what is more intense the joy of winning or the pain of losing and then and depends on the moment the I'm and then a study that unfortunately in life more often we remember the negative things because they have a greater impact on us and as Dennis in tennis it's a little different now than today okay you'll have a think over my career about the about okay okay see the not a moment that much and I have been happier with my victories not that I have been upset with my defeats I think good stuff font will get caught up.

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