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I hope we can now one next week and face the patriots going three and all but I want to make one comment using Matthew Stafford a lock for the hall of fame I love the guy I love his numbers no he's not a whole and not a lock in all time. I thought you said he could be all all know we can be but that's he's got to be great the next six years and he's gotta have playoff wins but you know that where they at where they are now and where they're going I don't expect them to be a playoff team for a little while but thank you talk no no I I don't think Matthew Stafford Matt Ryan. is headed towards the hall of fame yes we want what if he set the all time yard director Matthew Stafford and never wins any playoff games he's number one on the list you say on on he's got a long way you got forty thousand more yards to catch drew Brees always it out far behind okay yeah I don't think I think he's got like thirty thirty one thousand thirty two thousand miles. and we compared to Phil rivers flow rivers is five and six in the playoffs is great he's got five playoff wins does have a Superbowl parents please got a few playoff wins and is on his belt and steam threatening right now yeah Philip rivers has a better chance than Matthew Stafford but but that's right now and and there's a big age difference here here is active quarterbacks minimum seventy five starts whose career record is five hundred or worse okay. number one on the list. well so this is the so the worst record of those with at least seventy five starts Josh McCown as one thirty percent of his starts Ryan Fitzpatrick. thirty nine percent. Derek Carr forty one percent Matthew Stafford forty seven percent Ryan Tannehill forty seven percent Kirk D. cousins forty eight percent and Eli manning one sixteen and one sixteen at five hundred. you I start another game this season. I'm gonna say yes. for the giants week seventeen yes or two would be due to injury or very poor play by Daniel gliding it'll be just a sentimental send off. yes Wyclef Eli you nervous about sitting at five hundred and messing that up enough to hit a lot I don't like baseball players yes it out to say Atlanta three hundred a year at that three three hundred. point of you know one man thank you guy Clark retired president yeah Crocker Denny he walked away three hundred I believe that was the guy who's like I'm gonna call it quits right now did we look at this how many guys ended their career batting three hundred. right at three hundred Mickey mantle I think ended his career to ninety eight yet to ninety to ninety five right around there for making man of John Kruk yeah he he actually hit three oh eight his last season we finished three hundred for his career how many guys seventy three hundred batting average. and I remember asking Barry Sanders I think he ended with ninety nine touch them I said in their part of you that wants to come back and get one more goes no. it's not the answer I was hoping for. no yeah the club you know he screwed himself over our guy five crime dog McGriff he was a lie he was for ninety one the three ninety one and he would have a hall of Famer if you just play one more season and got over next in Dale Murphy was three ninety eight oh my gosh del Murphy two ninety three ninety eight both all Famers heartache alright we'll take a break. this day in sports history final results poll question last call for phone calls right after this..

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