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And he's like. Seaman recruit Johnson, sir. May I help you? And all of a sudden, I hear this voice through the phone. Yeah. You can help me worthy. Fs. My dang flag. Recruit. We forgot to hang the flag up on Veterans Day of all days and wherever at eight o'clock in the morning on the bass wherever you are. Commencement the flag as were raising. It didn't it didn't add any colors so everybody salutes wherever they are. They're able to see this flag because it's going up from anywhere on the base. It's how high the. And we didn't remember on Veterans Day. So not only is the officer of the day ticked off. Because he's got duty. All of a sudden, he's like are. You freaking kidding me. These imbeciles forgot to hang the flag up my fly. Oh my God. So we w we get out there. Right. And so we have the shiny silver helmets that we wear, and then you have these these white crosses like that you have and you go there, and the one guy who is me as you know, you're facing the other guy and you lay out the flag, which is in the trying retakes it, and then he puts it through. And then he raises it as well. Now, we've already missed, you know, the music so now it's I just get down there. And and not not not a lot of people are out because it's fifty below zero and the wind blowing my case, so but we have shiny silver helmets. And we so we double time it down there. And we March as fast as we can without running, and we get there, and you could see the officer of the day across the street, and he's in this building and he's period out. And he's looking and he's. His face was like read like he just wants the ring our next. So there's no no other officers and things, and nobody knows except we know right? And and him, and so I go to give my buddy the flag as he grabs the flag from me. A gust of wind comes and takes his silver helmet off his head. And goes about twenty feet away. So now he's got the flag in his hand. He doesn't know whether to give me the flag back so he can run and grab his silver helmet. And I look at him. I go, bro. You better. Hang that flagman doorbell down. He's like, yeah. But. So all of a sudden, I see out of the corner of my eye. Another gust of wind and his silver helmet. It looks like I mean, it's just being picked up and tossed around banging into things left and right. And I'm just like I'm laughing because he officer the day. Can't see my face. My buddy. He's biting his cheeks down. I mean is the inside of his cheeks are bleeding because he's trying so hard not to laugh because if the officer the day sees him laughing why he's a he's in the process of hanging his five we're already in trouble. And I'll tell you what. I mean, I'm laughing so hard. No sounds coming out. Like, I can't believe it. Because by the time this poor guy got done hanging that fly got it to the top his helmet is a mile and a half away. And we don't even know if we found her when I can't even remember, but it was just a great, and like we're marching back, and I'm just Lebanese like, you suck man. I got I got that's the funniest thing. I go. Exactly, I got. So the next day though, we get we get back there in the four chiefs or they're in the officer working on. Wow. Brilliant. How do you forget to hang the flag on Veterans Day? So we got what they called mash where you gotta do the push ups and stuff and the worst is when you're doing them inside with all your gear on so you come in from fifty below zero with the wind chill, and then you're in there in all these gear, and they're making you do push ups. My company commander. He didn't have you do one hundred push ups because I worked hard to make sure I said, I'm probably going to get in trouble. And boot camp, I better be good on push-ups. So for the five months before I went in because I was on delayed entry. That's how I did. I did push ups everyday. And I got up to the most every day one hundred sixty four straight to Bab O'Reilly by the who is. Yeah. So I was and that was the most I ever saw this. So but the company commander, and I know we're up against a break. And I'll take that and say, but he comes by. And you get all this gear on. And he'd put his foot under your chest to make sure that you weren't leaning down that you weren't resting on. And if he ever found forget about it, you did not want. That magazine you're standing at attention. All this stuff is just crazy, and he would down and you're like, and he'd walk around and there's like sixty four and walk around up one, sir. Each push up would take like two minutes. So you only had to do ten. But by the time, you're on the fifth one your arms are shaking your he's loving it. Because he's watching these guys, and I was in better shape than most these guys. But I'm just watching these guys drop like fraught flies and stuff out. Try as hard as I am like oh my God. Nasdaq took every out to energy I had the man we we never forgot that. That's right. And the music didn't hang the flag and marching into the wall, captain Norton. I know he's out there somewhere a company commander, nor news. He was the best though. He's a he's a a piece of work. But he was he was a good guy. And we deserved everything that we got as far as because we were we were Macau's navy. All right sports, X radio. We're rolling through on a Tuesday night robbery. She in studio, no Panish perspective due to the screw up of Thompson. And the worst is I gotta tell Panish because not only did I do the false start where bri- forgot to press record. So I don't worry about and that was five minutes in Santa record the whole thing. But I recorded myself. So I could tell you. Pani said, and I will on some of the stuff the Michael avenue ATI stuff got into that a little bit. Also, some moves college basketball couple coaches, Dave Rowe steps down. So Greg rebel, the voice of BYU. My good pal probably gonna come on Friday and just talk a little bit about what Dave rose meant twenty two years up. There Provo did have bang-up job. And of course, do you remember where he played robbery she Dave rose, Oklahoma, no very faint, if very famous team, very famous team one of the top three teams as far as, you know, their nickname. They had wasn't UCLA. What's one of the most famous nicknames of a team that you remember growing up fi slamma Jamma Jimmy Johns using yes. Oh, yeah. Us on Houston on the Cougars. Are we're live from Vegas. A new one hundred one five FM seven twenty AM, Katie WN farmers insurance robbery. She in studio the rest of the night seven zero two three three five five seven four four. Plenty of college hoops going to get into baseball going to make a bet right here in our number two on the air. Rob big cardinal fan. You folks that know KT I'm gonna back. My boys were live from Vegas. He takes us to break. We'll be back. The invitation to Lexus is not set like other invitations. It has offered with passion and distinction by.

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