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Eleven OO eight prevent the spread of viruses with Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks all work on the eastbound span of the bay bridge has cleared so there is no longer to a traffic running on the westbound span of the bridge two lanes eastbound three lanes westbound across the bridge without delay however we are still seeing delays are westbound on route fifty approaching and passing route to it is underneath the Severn river bridge there was a gas main break so a single lane is getting by their after route to toward the Severn river bridge stay left to get by the emergency work no I thought on the Baltimore Washington parkway after four fifty a single lane getting by that works on eastbound I. seventy before seventy five in Newmarket a report of a medical emergency in the roadway also there were delays along route three in both directions headed toward four fifty Annapolis road for fifty is also slow getting on to route three watch for any work there on about like no reported issues inner and outer lives still running well whether you're in Maryland or Virginia also in Virginia on sixty six eastbound seeing a little bit of a delay inside the beltway watch for the work after Washington Boulevard headed into Arlington should be a single left lane getting by south bound three ninety five after seminary road the work is in the left lane and in the district Minnesota Avenue south of Benning road northeast a report of a crash also updating the situation on Pennsylvania Avenue well everything still remains the same Pennsylvania Avenue remains closed between Shadyside Avenue in Alabama Avenue for the ongoing police investigation UTC is building pathways the possible I providing quality and affordable access to higher education to learn more about finding your possible visit U. D. C. dot EDU slash possible I read a Kessler WTOP traffic your Monday is going to be a very cloudy affair across the Washington area pockets of light rain mist fog and drizzle for much of the day a little brighter in the Shenandoah Valley but no sunshine for the Washington.

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