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Maybe it's the movie's name is the folks the bullets as the real crooks. It's the parents maybe the colors everybody's wearing the president. Maybe the last one maybe the one before that what she'd done maybe high schools babies, the teachers they made the children in the bleachers. Maybe it's the bible. Maybe it's the lack of music, the crack. Maybe it's the hairdo was maybe it's the TV cigarettes family fast-food pits. The news events divorce. Maybe it's abuse lawyers. Please the prisons. Senator spinning business as the father's maybe. The sisters pay. Rake meal as navy? It's the liquor. Maybe it's the papers made it militia, maybe it's athletes. Sports fans. Maybe. The. Lottery, maybe taxes victims list, the KKK and the company maybe as Catholics. Maybe it's the addicts art sex. Sex. Maybe it's the maybe it's their own the chemical mids the carpal fertilizer, maybe maybe. But I. Took a Willard girl. All right. Welcome to Thursday. You might be wondering why Nicole playing Cheryl wheelers? If it were up to me, she only plays that every time there's a mass shooting in this country. There was a fucking mass shooting us today. Mc gut him. News media didn't report on it. You know, why only five people were killed five people. No big deal. See bring Florida. Who cares? The middle of nowhere five people. And it was a white guy. A twenty one year old white guy who went into a SunTrust Bank in Seabourn, Florida and killed at least five people in the branch yesterday here from CNN the suspect called authorities to say he had entered the Bank in Seabourn about eighty five miles south of Orlando and began shooting authorities identified the subst suspect is a twenty one year old white man, I'm not gonna say his name who's in custody. Not an immigrant. Not an illegal for you people who insist on referring to human beings as illegals. He wasn't here illegally. He was a twenty one year old Seabourn resident who is in custody. And it wasn't immediately clear. If those shot were banking -ployees or customers the victims of not yet been identified this as of yesterday because it's impossible to find any new information on it because five people shot dead is not enough to get the news media off it's ass in this country. Oh, I'm sorry. It's not the news media's fault 'cause they're all being heard. Yes. Apparently, a lot of the big media outlets from Huffington Post on down. The Huffington Post is now owned by some subsidiary of Verizon. They fired a bunch of people. I don't have the list of all the media outlets who've been firing people. I've been seeing people on Twitter logging on people whose who we've been reading Huffington Post. Sorry huffpost now, it's now huffpost for years who are oh shit. I think we've got a call come in who are basically. Out of luck. They're out of jobs. All right. We'll get back to that. There was other breaking news that happened this week. And that is that the teachers in Los Angeles who were on strike are back and to to Philipson on what's happening in the world of education. I'm really happy to welcome Randi Weingarten, back to the show. She is she is the president of the American federation of teachers that you can find it af T dot org. Randy with us. Thank you so much for being here. Sorry, I opened the show with a bit of a rant because usually after a mass murder a mass shooting. I played this song by artist named Sherrel Wheeler. That's if it were up to me, I take away the guns, and I'm I'm just dismayed that there's been virtually no coverage of the fact that there were five people killed in shooting a Bank in Seabourn Florida yesterday 'cause I guess five people isn't enough..

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