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See Episode Four Bill. We've talked about politics and and I think this is one where It was kind of obvious where we we try to You know create a bridge to how this might be helpful for you. Genevieve you know politics Kinda governing people and that applies whether it's a country which we kind of spent talking about the problems on the country level but for you growing up I think it's really gonNA Be With you know that relationship bucket it You know you're making friends in kindergarten And you'RE GONNA be in groups of two people and five people. Oh in ten people you go to dance which what had ten people in your class. You have teachers you have parents and all these are different. French structures where You're either the kid taken an advice or lessons Or you're the student trying to learn something thing new or you're the friend To one or more people and I think even at that point. You're finding that there's different power structures for different reasons Sometimes to give you information but in the sense of The friendships I think even on on that small level. You're going to have kids or people that are want to be your friend for different reasons and you might want to be other people's friends for different different reasons but How they're going to be everything from you know the way they want the relationship to go whether that's a power struggle in kindergarten not enough that means playing hopscotch instead of jumping rope but As you get older you know and you get into You know these Colin political groups of different sizes of two. I'm five ten people You're going to deal with a lot of different people with a lot of different perspectives. That want to accomplish a lot of different things and trying to do that. Peaceably with everyone on the same page. as the group size gets bigger it gets exponentially harder. And so so you're left Probably feeling like you know what the best decisions are. At least decisions are going to benefit you the most and then left with a lot of people who have different feelings on that subject And then I think that's why it's important also to do you know realize everyone is is working with a different set of information which is probably why they want different things and and one accomplish it in a different way But I think it's important not to get frustrated Maybe do what you can into effect the situation positively knowing. It's not always gonna go that way but yeah yeah I mean you're going to be dealing with politics for the rest of your life whether it's on smaller large scale and can't just maybe understanding that's going to happen and not expecting people to think like you Or even the majority of people even though it may be crystal clear to you why is is the way it is which can be frustrating But I think it's even more frustrating when you expect people to think like you. They don't act like you think they should your it's You're GONNA spend a Lotta time not liking people further further. Why they're different than I think? maybe a healthier perspective would be realizing everyone's different and working from kind of a place places mostly ignorance and that way. I don't know if I want to say not to have your expectations too. I for people because I'm not sure that's the case but to some degree that that's what I'm saying because to save you you from being disappointed by people and having that fill up your head space Just focus on what you have in common and in working with that as a basis poacher different to the.

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