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We've actually featured on song of the Night Purple Ring. Yeah, we have so so we are now going to the next hit on the record, and that's where we get Windows Cry for tonight, the first single off of purple rain. Sure engaged in the kids. Swear by it covers me. Me myself. I can picture so when this song came out, it was in July before the Earth was leading up to the July release of the movie or the General the July release of the movie. The arm came up before the movie came out. And they needed a song. The album was done. The movie was was written and everything and they needed. The director went to Prince and said, I need a song for like the middle of the movie for like a montage scene. And Prince came back the next day with two songs done, and this was one of them. Well, you and I have talked about how 60 minutes had that piece a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it was like a month ago that he has so much recorded music That's never even been release. Yeah, and and that his ability to crank out Incredible hits, but also the frequency that he put out music and just just to make make music in the to have this be one of those that come back a day later be an all time classic. It's pretty, Isn't that how like always how it always was like, didn't didn't Dolly Parton Jolene in like an hour or something like that, like, isn't that the story like the greats can do. Great things. That's why they're the best 1999 came out. The album came out and Prince wanted to do a movie and the keyboardist was like Do you think we can really do? He's like I don't know, but we're going to find out if we can. If we're big enough to do a movie. Obviously, they were big enough to do a movie. And they made the movie. This came out as a hit. It's ranked 52 on Rolling Stone's 500 greatest songs of all time. I mean, just in Altai. It's been covered by a bunch of people just an all time great song. Now I believe at the time. Elvis and the Beatles were the only two do have done what he accomplished with the number one album, the number one record and also the number one movie. All in the same week, It was the Beatles, Elvis and then Prince when doves cry was released off of purple rain. Yes, I think Is there a genuine version of this yet genuine covered it. Pony genuine. Oh, yeah. No, I know. I know anyone, you know? Funny. I'm well familiar with pony. You're well versed in the Tony world in many late nights in different bars around Chicago, and I'll see here, so I was right. Eric Ostrovsky chimes in and says Dolly Parton wrote Jolene and I will always love you in the same day, Man. That's a day. That's a long day. That's the day. That's a day to go through some stuff, but no, This is a so okay, So you wanna hear some Super New t 30 thing? So I've seen, uh this song done. As a cover by there's a There's A, um there's a prince and the revolution. Tribute band that is Maya Rudolph and one of her friends. Really, and I've seen them and it is great. Yeah, yeah. You want to get his hipster as it is? Guess what, honey. Tonight we're going to go see Maya Rudolph and a prince tribute bands and like dressed up, they do everything. All the dirty songs on the clean songs. They do everything. It was great. You go home and then watch Portlandia. Mr. We're not go home and watch Portlandia afterwards. That's not her. No, I know it's not her, uh, It's not her, but it's the closest thing I'm going to get the same prince live, I guess because I can't see him live anymore. You are a concert buff. You are the music guy. I am not. I will always hold this over you. I've got to see Prince at the Super Bowl. Okay, That doesn't really It was fantastic. Yeah, Yeah. They're Super Bowl to be there. If I would have gone to see Prince the only time that I was able to see Prince I might not be working here because I had tickets from someone who couldn't go And then, like I have an extra ticket and I would have had I couldn't find anyone to work for me. So I would have just had no call. No showed And just be like, I guess the MLB game can run itself. They would have kept you around. Uh, yeah, Probably this place back then. Winner Pause. 10 seconds abdominals running down the hall. I gotta hit a button just popped. I just called the radio station and leave it up and be like you're listening to W m v p Chicago. Sino land passwords Digging this. Oh, yeah. Conner McKnight as well. Check out Connors, Twitter. Maybe some air keyboard Conan O'Brien, old time baseball clip. Oh, there's an all timer. You want to know where old timey baseball came from that that is that's a completely ripped off from Conan Exactly. This never say no show has had a greater influence on you and me and doing this. It's Coney O'Brien. Absolutely. Prince when dogs cry your song of the night..

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