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Perfect solution, but better than complete shutdown isn't it were and now you said, you've only lived left your house several times, which is, which is why I'm actually a little surprised, but I actually I understand what you're going to have a pretty fun house. I'll tell you what, Daniel, if I did what you did, I probably wouldn't have been in the hospital. I'll tell you that. But let me ask you this. It's so weird. I'm sure you've seen the poker tables Daniel, where they have Plexi glass, and it's just like Did you ever think in your lifetime? You know that you would see poker tables in poker rooms, not just in Vegas, but all over the place that air using Plexi glass but then dividers between players. I mean, it's so bizarre. It's just weird. Definitely weird, something that I would not have any interest in engaging in a way to live in Nevada. Right? So are some forms of off. Like you can plan w s o p dot com Which is what I've been doing, right? And you know the idea of playing live poker right now, When you think of transmission, Think of covert, right? I'm sure the plexiglass helps where you're not gonna people coughing on each other. But you're using the same cards and you're passing around chips, you know, and so like. It's just it's not an environment that's conducive to, um, you know, playing poker. Having said that, you know the world Series of poker. They were looking to have a main event. Obviously, you know, that wasn't really a possibility, so they had one just now where they had it online. So it's a hybrid style event online, where the final nine In the European leg played in Europe in a live scenario where everyone was tested, and then the same will happen here in Las Vegas, and then the two will play heads up on December 30th. I believe for the title of World Series of poker champion this year. I want to ask you a little bit about that, because you know you play a lot of online poker and live poker in your lifetime. I have as well Not at your level, of course, but I consider online poker a very, very different game from live poker. First of all, you know, as far as poker tells Yes, there are Park hotels online. I totally understand that, but it's just not the same as life poker. You can't actually see the person maybe even different, different strategies that use. I'm sure I mean it just it to me. It's just a different game stops. So my question is this When they crown a world Series of poker champion this year, as you mentioned on December 30th. I'm not saying, you know they're not deserving of the money. But do you see it a little bit differently as years and passed when you actually have a world Series of poker champion? A bracelet in live poker? Do you see it differently, and you agree with what I said earlier. Well, so here's the thing right When I make the comparison to should the Lakers be considered the NBA champions Camera Bay Lightning really be the NHL champion. I think leagues in sports did the best they could to try to, you know, put forth. You know, a format that is as close as you can get. And I think the World Series Poker did a really good job with that sort of create some aspect of life poker with it and also incorporating the whole world because obviously travels a big concern. You can't have 1000 people packed into the Rio playing poker. As far as the game's being different. Well, there's no question, but here's the thing to win it online is actually far more difficult more difficult because the level of play is far is elevated. Okay. When you play live poker, you'd like you said. You just look at people and you know you're basing your decisions on tells and things like that when you play online. To balance your frequency. You can use the random number generator and click that you can have statistics up. You can have, you know different notes on your players and things like that, so it requires actually higher skill level. Went online and it would you know, playing live poker? Right? Okay, well, that makes sense to me. And like I said, I'm not taking away from anybody who makes money online. It's certainly a specific skill, but I just think it's a little bit different from live poker and you look at a guy like you know a dirt Guan who, obviously I'm sure you have a lot of respect for a very talented poker player. But you look at some of the money like some of these younger guys that have made online and they're not as successful. As live poker players. You look like a guy like Phil Helmet, right? Who is? I'm sure again. You have tremendous amount of respect for one of the best tournament players of all time, But from what I've heard from a lot of people in the poker world, he doesn't make much money online. Why do you think that is Well, here's the thing feel obviously doesn't play, you know, online regularly and feel is, you know, historically was one of the greats during his time. He's no longer you know, they're just the younger players. Actually, I would I would push back on the idea that you know these online players who succeed online when they moved to live, they succeed. Crush. Okay, if you if you're able to win online and a significant rate, especially playing cash games, you're going to be a winning player playing live unless you literally have, like a facial tick. That's so ridiculous things like, you know, like, Are you ignore real cookies? KGB? Right, But no question. You know the evolution of the game and I've been studying more poker now than I have in my entire life really 8 to 10 hours a day. I've been using What's called solvers. There's new advancements in technology in the last 34 years. Want to say what you just said what you did? I'm sorry. Interrupt what you just said surprises me, and I think it'll surprise a lot of people that don't know this. You're telling me Daniel Grant you one of the best poker players, you know,.

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