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And we are back i'm tom bevan cofounder publisher of record politics i've still got charles woodson on the phone he's a professor of political science at the university of chicago these contributor to realclearpolitics he's the author of zip dialogue dot com check it out he does a roundup of the day's news stories charles i mentioned before the break i want to talk about big tech in what's going on there because there are a lot of interesting sort of threads we're going to have zuckerberg testify on capitol hill this week but i you know there've been a lot of stories about trump went off on a jag twitter rant about amazon and how much money they are costing american taxpayers using the united states postal service and you know attacking them markets responded and wiped out fourteen billion off the balance sheet of amazon now people are you know there have been some stories saying that trump is privately obsessed with amazon and and wants to sort of take them down a peg i'm not sure how whether that reporting is accurate or not but what do you make of this i mean this is sort of i've got friends who are ceo's of companies big companies actually and this is their worst nightmare to wake up and find that they've been targeted by the most powerful person on the planet who is ripping them a new one on twitter well i i can't tell you how many ways i think what president trump did tamazawa was wrong but let me count a few of them i i think that attacking individual businesses by name is a terrible thing for the president of the united states if there's a legal problem have the justice department filed suit i don't like i don't like it when any precedent does secondly is best i can tell the post office negotiated with amazon and most were wearing their big boy pants if the post office didn't negotiate a deal to bad as far as i can tell in all the reports are they are actually making a profit on doing this but whether they are whether they aren't it's not amazon's fault amazon is a business and probably looking for and undoubtedly looking for the lowest cost way of delivering third points i don't think this.

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