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Your news now continues a police officer in Florida. Florida is facing suspension after arresting too young six year old children as the Orlando Police Department investigates the incidents which raised fresh questions about the over policing school children in the United States as well as the arresting officers own violent past and record of excessive force. The mind unleashed reports at Orlando Police officer Sir Denis Turner was on duty a school resource officer when he arrested the children in separate incidents on misdemeanor charges on Thursday local news outlet. WFL Lay reported a six year old girl was charged with battery after kicking a classmate at her K. Through five school problem and her grandmother attributed to behavioral issues choose related to sleep apnea following her arrest. The first grader was booked into a local juvenile detention center eight miles from the incident according to the child's grandmother her granddaughter was handcuffed fingerprinted and even had her mugshot taken the events surrounding the storm storm area fifty one name which went viral over the summer appear to have been little more than hot air and social media buzz as a few hundred alien enthusiasts and revelers party near the secret of US US military base in a largely uneventful manner yet despite the holy innocuous nature of the storm area fifty one phenomenon the mind unleash reports the US government doubled double down on its menacing posture this past weekend and a bizarre tweet promising deadly force toward millennials who mike read the site in a tweet Friday by the defense visual information distribution service a Pentagon public relations agency the unit shared a photo of eight B two Stealth bomber accompanied by.

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