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Sign up the Patriot So Mike Man Yeah From from the talk sports article it looks like he means Ma three fights left on. ESPN deontay Wilder Anthony. Joshua dillion he and wife and look. I mean as a regular boxing fan. That sounds remarkable a beautiful schedule but there is a rematch with wilder louder and if he gets past wilder and then defeats them in the rematch. Though be a rematch with Anthony Joshua. And if he gets past Anthony Joshua and defeats him in a rematch. Then he could possibly face dilly and white if he has already fought someone in those four fights that fury would need to get to him on we see say what so if he faces wilder. It's two sue fights. He's got to beat twice if if the loser calls a rematch. Those but in theory. It's two fights there's a rematch clause like right now now denison. He can't really talk about much. Because we know Williams is out this end there's a rematch close. Just like there was rumors of the first fight with a rematch. su-wei there's rumors of this one now with the loser rematch. So you know in theory or hypothetically. The statement doesn't hold much because it's too fights with wilder. We know without a doubt it will be two fights with Anthony Joshua because of how he makes his contracts so by the time he gets. The dillion Leeann is Dylan. Even available to him is what I'm saying because you know Dylan's not going to sit around and wait for. Tyson have four fights with the top of the division while he just sits on his hands they might might find five billion..

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