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You will see is this season goes on. I'm almost sure Jim because we saw it in the spring. We're actually seeing it. Early on in the season, some good plate discipline. In the spring it led to walks. In the regular season. It has lead to longer at bats, but not necessarily the walks. Right? And so it's perhaps a little anxious Nous on the 32. He's taken some pitches for called third strikes. He is going to have, I think really a rock solid walk rate as he learns this league Nico good room at the plate swinging in a foul on the play as they ride up in the strike zone. Those were saying the Yankees got Thai own from Pittsburgh coming back from a second Tommy John surgery. Not many folks have done that he missed all of last year. Pitch just seven games in 2019. And they told him to jump the sinker right and use the four seam fastball where Up in this job. That's right. That's right. So his his profile has changed. Nico Good room lines one foul into the screen down the right field line. A guy who has been A ground ball pitcher. I mean the story. The similarity of the Kolar are really Kind of striking. So far, not only four star No, but this is a ground ball pitcher didn't give up many fly balls, and now he is a guy doesn't get a lot of ground balls. It's only four starts in 17 innings. There's a definite change in his better ball profile. The 02 instead of quick throw over to first. You know, using that four seam fastball up more balls of being hit in the air. It may have saved his career. I'm just making that simple change that you said Cole made and you know, he's the prime example of how to succeed with that type of Ah field for pitching. He's cut his walks. He's a premium strike tour and bump the strikeouts. That's exact what you're trying to do with that change curb although that's a good take by Nico Good room that curve balls already been vexing for. Some tigers hitters, But Jim, There's a kill but do with a six pitch trip to the plate. He was one of the only batters and that double header to have a long at bat. Against Dylan cease in Game two, and he is the only one to get to even a two ball count today. 12 swinging a miss It just you could just predict it's not even that hard and predicting his easy It's just like you could almost call it out and say You know what's coming? Yeah, you know that this next pitch is going to be After a pitch of breaking ball down. Fastball above the strike zone. Really Castrol struck out on a fastball up swinging scope struck out on a fastball up swinging. Candelario struck out on a fastball up swinging. And good room. Same thing. Four batters. Ball struck out swinging on the same pitch. Would say it's right at the top of the strike zone, but most are just above the strike zone and they're unable To lay on. You just can't catch up with him, and they're tardy with the swings. He's a Grayson Greiner. No scores second inning. Race in five for 25 start with a home run. Sanchez setting up blowing away down on the right knee curveball strike on the inside corner for a called strike to Grayson. Greiner. You've got a good jacker. God, he really does. He has been easy. Jamison Tie own has been easy at times in his career to run on. Do certainly can steal a base. Draw another throw, but it's a pretty short, cautious lead. Right now for him over at first base. Adored second shades up the middle, but not a full shift. On Grayson Greiner. Another throw to first to drive but due back lead getting a little bit bigger over there. No, they have to do something to shake up this office hit and run running hit. I know something. Put him in the house. There's two outs. But what the heck? Try anything? Sanchez throws out runners at about a 20% clip the last few years. Do doesn't go. Greiner takes Slaughter at the outside edge down in a way for a called strike. Perfect pitch. Perfect pitch, Jimmy, please. How's he going to go up with the fastball? Hey, You feel like you can just write it down already? Yes. I'm going to lay off. That's the question. Hi target the 02 fastball way above the target, But that's when the few times he's missed. At the top of the strike zone. Waste pits. That's right. Every tigers batter except Grossman has either been behind in the count when you put the ball in play like Miguel or his face, two to strike count. Premium strike. Joni's filling up the strike zone right now, with four quality pitches, Grindr waiting on a 12 in a scoreless game second, ending the pitch swinging in a foul straight back, But do was off with the pit. I love it. We absolutely do something, something, man. Yes. It's so aggravating. Think.

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