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There was a creepy vibe. And that was the weirdest thing to navigate through right but oh you mentioned the factory town and you just reminded me that i wanted to ask you about. I read that you had a scholarship to tisch and forgot. Renew it so you ended up having to work at the factory to continue education. Is that true. Absolutely true was having too much fun at tisch. And all i was i was working really hard but i was like to me. It was a pain in the ass thing. She'll go sign a slip of paper. The office and my mother kept calling him a week after week the week of the weekend. Finally she call crying and said you lost your scholarship. You said you're going to be. Scholarship was remember. It was at the time. But i have. I had to work all summer. The factory to renew it but that was the same summer that i a sophomore teacher. A guy named jesse horn blue Said that if i finish twenty i wrote a twenty page version of jocks. The script assigned out. He said if i finish that show his agent. So i made a deal with my dad who was also working at the same aluminum factory. Get me the night shift. I want to be on the night shift. And he's like why is right because every the foreman doesn't carry sleeping. His office is so i went. There were these giant rolls of aluminum. They used for aluminum siding aluminum foil. They were tons and tons and tons. But they were lined up. And i could lead slip between two thousand and right and i finished jocks that summer work in the night shift and then i submitted it and the agent accepted me and i ended up selling so so that was that was my junior year. So the the loss of the scholarship is probably the best thing that ever happened to me because it scared the living daylights out. i mean..

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