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Deserves this is Brian Murphy for the junior giants car donation program I get to see how junior giants changes kids lives every day junior giants is an award winning program that teaches life skills the boys and girls in northern California and when you don't your car your donation supports local kids right here in our own communities and joining is easy just call eight hundred eight one eight fifty two twenty three or visit us at J. R. giants dot org slash Kerr Ryan Murphy here for a meat cheese east coast pizzeria with a really special offers just for can be our listeners in San Francisco between now and the end of September if you order for delivery at a meat cheese dot com from either the south of market or lumber treat locations and enter code Murphy five at the check out you'll get five dollars off your favorite meat cheese pizzas pastas salads in those flame roasted lemon chicken wings delivered to your home or business so when you're looking for the best pizza in the city and five dollars off your delivery order me cheese delivers. Hey sports fans what's the best gift you can give your kids. your words your voice it doesn't matter if they're too young to talk back they are listening and absorbing every moment and the more words they hear the better prepared they'll be for school so talk read and sing with your kids every day starting the day they're born it'll change everything go to first five California dot com to learn more not only does he know he. the sounds damn good to. A..

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