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The network also has to sustain and support business applications, which, you know, our financial systems communications when they also some of the things that probably trivial that people don't pay attention to the network also supports facilities applications in those that's like security and door, accents and heating and cooling and. Higher with the network. Supporting so many things Terry. I it's amazing the depth and the breadth of what the network actually supports, you know, couple days ago, you, and I were discussing a couple of things about network security, and you brought up a topic that really sort of made me really think, and it was this idea that these people are hacking into hospital networks and charging money for the people to access files, can you dive into a little bit of that. Maybe an example of what you've seen and maybe with some tips that our listeners could walk away with to make sure that they don't become victims of this. Yeah. So we ransomware is pretty popular right now on it's called Rancho. Yeah. Ran somewhere and the wannacry virus we had an issue with it a couple of weeks ago. I mean, people are still digging out from it. So I've seen these things live like actually working. You know, I've been in. In priscilla's before where we can visually. See somebody's file system. Getting locked so filed by fought file, and these are hundreds of millions of filed we can watch the file system actually, locking once it locks. They put a text file out and a ransom request. So if you want that file unlocked, you can pay them their ransom to unlock it. What we've done is we've built robust systems and put those in place. So let's say an organization has this happened to him. We can actually rollback a snapshot and take millions of files and have them accessible within minutes of getting the virus. Wow. So you guys have the capability of circumventing that ransom payment if it's dies. Yeah. Absolutely. We're we're not gonna give into people reading viruses on we're going to build solution to the work that and these are just fundamental solutions that organization should have especially healthcare organization. And that's you know, we'll to roll back to a point in time before you had the virus? So let's say that an individual ended up getting the virus on their workstation. We would identify that. We would shut that workstation down while we are doing that. We would roll back the file system at a back to a point in time. Let's say that we are snap shutting every five minutes. And we knew that this started twenty minutes ago. We would rule it back to twenty five minutes ago. Got it got it. And so one of the things to keep in mind, as you listen to this topic is that it's a very real topic this whole cybersecurity ransomware, and so many other things happening that puts us at risk as healthcare facilities companies. What is it that we're doing to pressure test our network because we of course, we have people working to maintain and make sure that they're safe. But what is it that we're doing to pressure test? The people that are leading those organizations and somebody like, Terry. At rice tech could simply help take a look, and it doesn't hurt to make sure that you could pressure test and make sure that there are no cracks. So you don't become a victim of this and so- dairy. Thanks for sharing that I mean in this kind of stuff is a legal, right. How do these people get paid without being tracked because it's got to go to a Bank account somewhere? Yeah. And I'm not sure I've never really dove into that. But yeah, there's a whole criminal world that makes her living and get her kicks off seeing businesses crumble in a healthcare organization. It's the impacting patient experience. Yes. Impacting patient care in old committee patient safety. Absolutely. And I really appreciate you sharing these these ideas..

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