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New evacuation orders for the mass Cal fire. That fire is now forcing residents in Beverly Hills and T 11 Ranch to leave their homes. The residents of El Capitan living east of Highway 77 remain evacuated. Well, let's check on traffic. We've got an erect to check out with detour Dan in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center. It's going to be in Tempe. We had one here yesterday afternoon as well. The U. S 60 eastbound, and it's going to be near. McClintock heads up for crash there nor about 17. The wreck at the stack interchange has cleared You're good to go, but not the vehicle. Fire Southbound 33 near Grand Avenue Vehicle Fire reported at that location, and we are working in new crash Same location as yesterday. West found to to read Mount Freeway at 24th Street. A wreck at the exit ramp exactly like yesterday. That is a very hot spot these days for Rex, especially this time of day, Camelback Western 27th Avenue Crash. McClintock and Rio Salado Parkway, Iraq and also a broken water. Main of Van Buren. At 35th Avenue. Try McDole er Buckeye. This traffic report It is brought to you by 72 sold com at 72 Sold. You will get thousands more for your home. You can pick your closed eight. Stay in your home for up to six months after closing. Go to 72 sold calm the train and teach your news. The clouds will build through tomorrow but the Valley is state. Dry overnight lows will drop back into the low seventies Low one hundred's return Wednesday and fire danger remains high as the breezes stick around getting stronger by Thursday. I'm ABC 15. No. Hey, Lonnie. Graph 97.

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