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Have fair skies and 54 degrees at DFW International Airport News brought to you by new spray. Three people are injured and hospitalized conditions still unknown after what appears to have been and large early morning bomb blast from a vehicle downtown Nashville, Fox is Charles Watson reports. Damage is very widespread after police say this is connected to do a vehicle that exploded at Second Avenue and Commerce and downtown Nashville multiple Reports right now say that a parked RV was in the middle of a road and exploded around 6 30 this morning, sending heavy black smoke into downtown Nashville. Police fire and federal authorities are on the scene investigating right now we're told that they're being very cautious around this explosion sites videos posted to Social media. Show a very chaotic scene Moments after the explosion. Fox is Charles Watson reporting several units of a multi story Fort Worth apartment complex damaged by a Christmassy fire. Fort Worth Firefighters called to the scene nearer Interstate 30 and Highway 8 20 late last night. Several families lost their home last night from that fire, one firefighter and one other person person were injured. Known known no cause yet known for the fire. The Texas capital will reopen in the new year. The doors will open starting January 4th Governor Greg Abbott along with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and House Speaker Dennis Bond, and made the announcement Monday. Back in March, the capital closed due to the cove in 19 pandemic. State leaders believe the protocols have been put in place to maintain a safe environment.

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