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You had. I think it was Dooku Dawson, kind of just roaming there in the middle of the field watching case of running back, decided to creep out from behind the backfield, but basically man coverage behind him. And and otherwise double safety Fire zero. It's ah that Viktor normally run, and here's the Here's why It's so brilliant not because it worked on that play. But because now every team that knows the book on Vic Fangio is that he doesn't bring pressure late in games now has to turn the page to a blank page on that book. Kansas City can't sit there and expect the Broncos to run, You know, three Rushed three guys and dropping, you know they're not going to run, you know, drop it a coverage anymore in the games or they might, but you don't know that they're going to do that. And you can't bank on that and try to draw plays designed for that. Exactly, And they've obviously changed amount of blitzing mean weeks, one through 3 19% 29th in the league, but the last two weeks 29.3% 5th in the league In Blitz rate, the Broncos have been dialing up the blitz. It's been working three turnovers yesterday, and in this case it resulted in what would've been the end of the game because area should come open and I don't think if you send that many guys Cam Newton has enough time he's gonna complete that past. Yeah, Cosby was there that probably to stop him from short of the end zone, but they would have completed the past got released the first down All right. When we come back, we'll have your chance to react to the Broncos Win. Plus Chad Barry with news update here at the top of the hour rocker Ted Nugent weighs in on a Colorado ballot measure Details next on Broncos country Tonight, Kay would use radio the I Heart radio app..

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