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Services pricing and hours may vary. See center for details. Traffic and weather on the H, let's go to Carlos in the WTO traffic center. Thanks Dan, the suitland Parkway is still dealing with the accident scene seems like all lanes are blocked in either direction between forestville road and the beltway, follow police direction to make your way around that if you're trying to head inbound, I might suggest Pennsylvania avenue instead, that's root four, headed past the beltway. Outbound side of the suitland Parkway had an accident seen there near Stanton road, but it looks like that did clear away still a little crowded in the area. Sounds like there's still a few emergency vehicles on scene. Although it shouldn't cause too much trouble. D.C. two 95 looks great towards the 11th street bridge, no worries on the southeast Southwest freeway or the third street tunnel. Traffic in the district looking pretty good right now, usually we're talking about delays on Connecticut avenue headed to DuPont, not the case tonight. It should be just fine most folks are staying home. I 95 in the BW Parkway looking pretty good. No issues between the beltways, I two 70 northbound, getting first reports of an accident scene just as you make your way past quince Orchard road. Sounds like there's some sort of debris in the roadway. So it might be an accident scene plus some debris in the road because of that accident scene. So take it nice and slow, northbound two 70 as you head towards quince Orchard road. Down in Virginia, of course, your major is looking awesome right now. No issues on 66, no issues on 95 or the beltway. If you're headed, or if you're doing traveling, if you're headed towards dulles airport, for example, 28 looks good. No issues on the dulles access road or the toll road all things look good on route 7 as you make your way out towards the Leesburg area. Carlos Ramirez traffic. To storm team four, meteorologist Mike. Look for an increase in cloud cover across the region tonight as a front approaches the area. And we're going to see temperatures in the mid

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