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King. Let's hit another fast food place. Where Bart Starr was cited Scott Franklin. Tell us your tail. Yes. Hi, bart. Starr was my favorite play ver fair player growing up. And I the pleasure sitting in play his last couple of years. And so twelve years, twelve fifteen years ago while with MP myself, and three other coworkers went into rocky rococo on will by the airport, and who do we see sitting at a table with several others, eating is was park star, and I did a double take and talk to the clerk, and she told me that was his favorite place to eat coming in and out of a walkie when he was flying in or out. So I thought. Oh man. He's getting up now. He's gonna leave. I gotta meet him so I stopped part. And I said, Mr. Starr, just, just wanted to meet you. You're my childhood hero growing up as a Packer, and he goes, first of all Scott called me, Bart, and I wanna introduce you to my friends, and he took the time to make be feel like the special person and introduced me to all the people that he was with. And he just stand there and listen to my story about how I watched him play and how he was such a great player, and I've such a huge fan, and I just briefly spoke with him. He listened to everything I had to say and later sent us some autographs pictures and a letter. He personally wrote to me and all three of my detective friends personalized with the with the location. We met a math and the time and the date and everything, and it was just for all four of us at that time. And ironically, I got to see him. Again about two months later when he came in there for lunch and being my partner at the time sat in the back, and we had lunch privately with Bart Starr and talked about soon. A few different things that he took office Super Bowl. One ring, and let me try it on well eight and it was just the coolest experience ever. I think you Harry the lead, I think you should have flip. Flopped those stories. Scotty, I think you lead with the I had lunch at rocky rococo with stocks and more the Super Bowl ring. And then you tell the first story but that is yes. I appreciate it. So very much. I appreciate it. That, that's remarkable. 'em couple teams here like Scott said and others before him. If people called Mr. Starr, he said, call me Bart, and then he would go and made sure that he did what he introduced in this case, Scott to the friends that he was with or with our caller earlier who met him at a hotel lobby. He wanted to introduce her to his wife to bring everybody again, speaks of the character of a gentleman got a couple of calls left. Well, close it out when we come back, it is four thirty, and that means ten. To check in with rusty Mellberg WTMJ breaking news center, Hillary Scott. Well police EMT's in Kenosha county spent four hours today conducting a search for possible missing person in the town of Randall shares offices. They got a call just after eleven thirty this morning that there were yells of helping made from the new Munster wildlife area. Drones and canine units assisted eight emergency crews searching, the twelve hundred acre plus area, but no person was found in need of health that search was called off just under an hour ago. The Milwaukee county, medical examiner's office is confirming that one person was killed in a fiery crash along highway one Forty-five earlier today, the accident happened around eleven forty five this morning that according to Milwaukee police officials say a car crashed into several barrels near north one hundred seven street before bursting into flames, the cause of the crash remains under investigation. Authorities have not identified the person who died swift actions rollback abortion rights in a handful of Republican dominated states this year stands in contrast to the mixed approach and states controlled. Politically by Democrats, while some have past protections lawmakers, and other democratic states have stalled or kill bills that would ensure or expand access to abortions, some of those states have dormant laws on the books that could outlaw abortions. If the supreme court ever overturns the Roe v. Wade decision WTMJ, Pella dot com timesaver traffic. All lanes of one forty five northbound near forty one forty five half. Reopened following cleanup of that fatal crash from earlier today as of now the only incidents in the Milwaukee metro area our vehicles on the shoulders of the road. So be careful passing by them. We are seeing a few slower stretches due to the Memorial Day, traffic and the wet roadways ninety four. Westbound, downtown to the zoo is at nine minutes, that is an extra two zoo to Wisconsin sixteen is at fourteen minutes that isn't extra three. The forty one forty five traffic county, real cute zoo, is traveling at fourteen minutes with no delays at this time, forty three northbound downtown, too good. Road. Eight minutes to travel just tap the breaks and ninety four southbound downtown to Layton avenue. No delays there at seven minutes, ninety four northbound Ryan Rhodes Layton avenue. That is traveling a couple extra minutes travel time is twelve traffic is sponsored by capital, heating and cooling. For clean healthy indoor air for your home or business. Schedule your duckling today with capital,.

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