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Released, showing the police shooting death of Anthony Alvarez on March 31st Get to that in just a moment. But first, Here's Mary Vandeveld with WGN traffic and traffic is sponsored by his equal pure Izzie's all night getting heavy and some of the roadways with the rain. The Eaton's looking good outbound Kennedy about 26 to the airport and 50 coming in from O'Hare already 42 from the Eaton's Eisenhower hits the brakes outbound to all the way to about Austin, 34 to Mannheim, 48 to 3 90 impound 22 for Mannheim. Stevenson still heavy between first and Lamont, mostly an hour and five minutes out to 3 55 45 just to get to the tri state started get busy now on Lake Shore Drive to Oak Street to Chicago's and accident eastbound 88 the Reagan Till it Naperville. Two left lanes are blocked with that Westside. A crash at Ashland and poke involving a cyclist and also in Joliet came from road is closed off. It robbed 59 with an accident. Up at two a.m. again tonight, Try pure Izzie's all night. Unlike other sleep AIDS, their extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer and longer is equal pure Izzie's all night fall asleep and stay asleep. Vandeveld. The biggie and Traffic Central Chicago's Independent Police Review Board has released video of yet another fatal shooting by police, this time of a 22 year old Latino man who was shot in the back late last month during a foot chase. They're Lightfoot, saying it is unacceptable that a minor traffic offense ended in the death of Anthony Alvarez. She urges people to look closely at the video. The New York Times is reporting that federal investigators have executed a search warrant at Rudy Giuliani's.

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