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Free Agent affections knows that Greinke has has been his normal self has an excellent picture. But Framer Valdez is a young guy in the rotation and we've seen so many guys make their debuts out of the bullpen and after some rocky initial outings really settle in so Look, I mean, I think you look at the Castro Is this one of the eight best teams in the American League? Yes, absolutely. And you're always better off with a post season with the best teams in it, So I I just know I just started cut you off. I just know that when I was younger, and it was the Yankees battling every single year during the Bernie Williams and Derek Cheater days that I went out of my way to watch every playoff game they were involved in because I was rooting against them. I also same way for the Red Sox. I think the ratings go up with the Astros in the post is now you don't want to win the world Series of your baseball, do you? I mean that that would look really bad for the sport. People are going to say, why weren't they punished? Why are they even allowed to compete this year? You've seen what they've done with some of the coaches and the managers that have been evolved. I just think it's must watch. If they're in there. There's no question it would be a very, very intriguing story line and again. I think we're in for an exciting post season. Regardless, and there's no question there will be increased interest if that happened. Right so far halfway through the year. I know it's crazy to think about MBPs Cy Young Awards after just 30 games. I mean, that would be insanity for anybody to do on article about that in a normal year, But as we know, very abnormal year who would be some of your Some your consideration for those awards. I mean, you look at Fernando Tattoos Junior the Padres. I mean, as a potential VP. He's been just a start of stud. You know, in the American League, you probably know Brandon allowed campus raise rates. The best record in baseball has been a big reason for that. I mean, that's that's those picks right now. But as you mentioned we're talking about 32 35 game samples. And a lot of times these award or Juan at the end of season, so I would not be a shock to see you know something crazy happening last week, someone pull ahead. But as of right now, those two MBPs I'm curious. If you think any off the temporary rule changes in baseball have a chance to stick like there's no chance. Seven inning double header stick right going in the next year. That is my expectation. There will be a lot of pushback. If the commissioner, others have pushed that through the one that I think is going to stick Is that th in the National League now whether that sticks into next year or not, and then they negotiated into the collective bargaining agreement, starting in 2022. You know, that could be a possibility that that's the one that I think we will see stick long time. About the three batter minimum minimum rule for these pictures. I remember there was so much conversation about that What that would look like the whole point I thought was to speed up the games or the games or even longer. The here So far. So what do you make of something like that? So that was actually put in place before they made all the adjusted walls for the open 19 health and safety protocols. So that is one that yes, that will stick that was going to be part of major baseball plan this year, Regardless So again, That's that's that's here to stay as well. All right, Kyle Glaser, bringing it on a Sunday. We appreciate you taking the time and I think it'll be funny. Kyle if we look back Inthirty games, and we laugh about all these awards that we thought at the midway point, there's still so much there's so little baseball he played, but, uh, you know, would you consider the timing? There's so much Yet to be played so well, we'll look back and have you on again at the end. Thanks. God. No problem. Any time you can follow him on Twitter, Kyle A Glaser from Baseball America. I want to talk to the fans about that. Houston Astros topic. I I'm curious like if you hate the Astros, don't you kind of have to watch if they're in the postseason. I know nobody wants him to go to the playoffs. I just wonder if secretly Rob Manfred in Major league Baseball could be pulling for the Astros because I could tell you right now, the casual baseball fan doesn't really know what to do with this season. I've equated it to kind of having 1 FT in 1 ft out. Kind of like your last day at work before vacation. When your heart's not in it. I think a lot of people felt that especially after the rash off of covert and the outbreaks of the Marlins. I think they thought this league And this year was never gonna materialize that we'd never get to the end. In fact, Manfred even came out and essentially threatened the players that this isn't gonna work. If you guys are idiots, and you don't take care of yourselves, and you didn't want a bubble. Then we're not going to get through this, and I think bands saw that. And they said secretly in the back of their mind. I don't know if we're gonna get through this season, But here we are. Now you still get games that are canceled. We've had serious canceled. Some teams just haven't played nearly the amount of games. You know, as I'm looking up and down Teams will start to make up. Some of those games like Cardinals have been able to do it. The Marlins as well. It's just an interesting,.

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