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U UT O and the goal of family is a swarm of locusts we continue. The Panthers three and two at the eagles three and three. The eagles are favored by four and a half Zakar tes has fifteen more receptions than the next closest tight end the season. So if you have him you're winning your fantasy league he's on pace for one hundred twenty eight grabs you really are. And that Carolina defense we always say, oh, that's the defense. They're basically middle of the pack in everything total against Iran against the paths are kind of they're kind of middle of the road right now. So I think they can be had you know, what the dual had a rushing attack a Philadelphia and then Zachert taking control the middle of the field and certainly in the red zone. So this I look I think Philadelphia eagle offense can have some success in this one it's strength on strength there. Right. Because I heard you guys yesterday talking about Corey Clement and the role that he can go on this offense with J, John. This is a linebacker lead defense Thomas Davis. Luke Keithly best at what they do against backs and tight end. So that's an interesting natural on the other side. Cam Newton is offense. Have been short. They've been timely downfield. Can they improve on that slugging percentage with deep passes that we know were part of that offense again continuing on this theme of Zacher? It's one hundred twenty eight grabs only three tight ends ever about one hundred sections in a season Jason Witten, then with the Cowboys now with us on Monday night football in two thousand twelve Dallas Clark one hundred and two thousand nine and Tony Gonzalez one hundred and two in two thousand and four we continue the five points. The Vikings three two and one at the jets three and three Vikings are favored by.

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