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In new york was great plans to get that training a lot of actors. They do it the other way around. They go to college for a year or something or they go to they the acting fasten they go now. I need an agent. Carr's i'm ray. And then they struggled to find an agent. I i had the opposite experience which i think is very common at all at all but i think the the thing that you can definitely take away from. It is that you should takes some courses or classes in acting in. You should get some training these are. This is a technique after at the end of the day. Even auditioning itself is its own technique. You could master auditioning and really not even be a great actor so you gotta learn to take addition technique classes courses in also acting as well in addition to it. Because once you get the job you gotta know what you're doing on the stage you gotta know what you're doing in front of the camera you gotta know what you're doing voiceover microphone the all of these things so In if you're lucky enough to be in a major city you could get these. You can get these skills again. Take classes that will provide this for you and being in new york. It's full advantage of that in two classes for years and years and so that's how i got into it. That's amazing it's something that i've never had before because personally for somebody who has tried to get into acting. It's really hard and for some people you'll find that the hottest spot like you mentioned. It's finding an agent. Because when do that find them from. You don't know if you go you don't you don't know if you ask somebody to refer you to them so i catch your experience and though is the upper to show. It was hard in the long run. You went through a lot of additions. And whether s some that you really wanted to hook this edition and get the contra didn't or yes of course there was. It was many of those. They were mostly hosting auditions. That was really really really have a gift on the microphone. I can improv. Anakin do a back and forth with somebody. And i really wanted to get a job as a host on one of these shows i can eat can also memorize script and in repeated..

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